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Is Dreadrock Chicago’s Next Biggest Star?

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James Samuels Jr or more professionally known as Dreadrock is an artist based out of Chicago, Illinois. Dreadrock has been making music for a whole decade since 2011. He has come a long way during that time and accumulated over 1 million streams on his spotify account, one of which has reached over 500K streams alone; “I Remember”. Using music as an outlet to escape the harsh reality of living in Chicago, keeping him out of the streets. In 2019 Dreadrock launched his own record label called “Swervnation”; and signed himself to it. Dreadrock wears many hats including being a songwriter, rapper, record executive, entrepreneur, businessman and record producer. In 5 years Dreadrock plans on getting involved with being in movies and closing a few million dollar deals under his belt. Be sure to stay on the lookout and stay connected with him on his social media.

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