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Cooli Highh Releases Debut Album Trap Tape Vol. 1, Shares Inspiring Origin Story

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Kidnapped, burned alive, and left to die at age three–not everyone gets to tell such a narrative, but Cooli Highh lived to tell the tale. Like a phoenix, he rose and fought for his life. Today, he aims to tell the world that the child who was engulfed by fire long ago is now ready to spit his own flames, and he is doing that through his fiery musical talent, beginning with his latest project, Trap Tape Vol. 1. Additionally, Trap Tape Vol. 2 is also set to release on November 25th. The artist also dropped 9 Hrs, a mixtape hosted by DJ VIP.

Born in San Diego, California, Cooli Highh was raised between his birth town and Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Determined to make a name for himself in the music industry, the rising artist has dropped some of the most captivating tracks meant to make listeners pick up their feet. His unrivaled rhythms and profound lyrics bearing his incredible life story truly set him apart from the rest of the pack.

Trap Tape Vol. 1 contains songs that stand as testaments to Cooli Highh’s incredible artists. The album includes his single called “A Fresh Highh,” featuring Rockie Fresh. Like many of his songs, “A Fresh Highh” showcases the artist’s ability to merge his Southern personality with influences from both the east and west coasts. Cooli had also worked with other artists, some of which had inspired him long before he had the chance to collaborate with such iconic names—21 Savage, Young Dolph, Big K.R.L.T., Project Pat, Devin the Dude, Maino, Smoke Dza, to name a few.

After spending years with other artists in the music industry, Cooli Highh realized that no artist is indeed the same as another. Everyone is unique, much like how he himself is one-of-a-kind. “I don’t really fit the normal ‘rapper look,’” shared Cooli. “I want to break the mold and let people know that they can become greater than anyone expected if they fight hard enough for it.”

Beyond the looks, Cooli Highh aims to amplify that no one needs to look or behave a certain way to become successful in the music industry. He shares that it’s all about having the passion for striving through the landscape regardless of how heavy challenges could get. He also encourages aspiring artists to explore genres and not limit themselves to one category. Cooli is indeed one to watch with such versatility, and he shared that he has more up his sleeves, be it for hip hop, pop, or R&B.

In five years, Cooli Highh aims to win multiple awards as a singer and songwriter. In addition, he wants to cement his name in the music industry’s history as one of the best artists who ever lived.

Before gaining the confidence to dream big in the music industry, Cooli Highh had to overcome the voices that told him he would never succeed. “Being told I’ll never walk, play a sport, work a job, and much more,” shared Cooli. Today, he wants to prove them wrong by showing that he is more than his scars. “If you just keep working for greatness, you can achieve your wildest dreams,” said the artist.

Learn more about Cooli Highh and his latest projects on Instagram and official website.

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