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Talented, Gifted and Everything in Between Esteisy Musica Releases Song “Freak”

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Music can be a powerful tool. It can provide us with the gift of lifting low spirits or bringing that sheer excitement that gets parties jumping. Esteisy Musica is an artist that is definitely taking music to another level through the power of her sound. Her latest single, “Freak,” has been like a breath of fresh air with its unique beats combined with powerful vocals. The Songstress Group label released Esteisy’s single “Freak” on July 16, 2021 along with the music video released on August 4, 2021 and we can’t get enough of it.

Choosing to fuel passion into music

For Esteisy music has always been more than a hobby. It’s been a lifestyle. Esteisy has always wanted to be a singer, and most of the talent she has acquired, is self-taught. Since childhood she found herself engaged and admiring a vast variety of artists and entertainers and desired to showcase her talents and skills among the greats. Esteisy’s roots began in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, surrounded by the influences of Latin culture, lifestyle, and music. Eventually her family later moved to the United States for a better life. Along with the transition, her passion for music and the exposure to a new world of entertainment, enhanced her talents and expanded her skills as an artist. Esteisy fully committed herself to pursing her career in music at the age of 17.

Esteisy’s passion is inherently ingrained into all of her music. Her catalog of music consists of songs in both English and Spanish. But the beauty of the music she creates is that it has no limits. As a reggaeton “It Girl” she creates music that is both authentic, fun, and unique. But as an overall artist and entertainer, she is dynamic and unrivaled in her craft. Her sound can be reminiscent of artists like Travis Scott, Drake, and Bad Bunny to name a few. But ultimately, she is in a lane that is all her own. Her singles “Gasta Funda” and “Un Dia” started her well-received introduction into the music industry as a force to be reckoned with. And while both are distinctive in their own right, they are only a glimpse of what we can expect from Esteisy.

Demand to be Seen

Esteisy’s latest single “Freak” is a song that definitely reminds us of the type of impact music can make.  The song is all about women unleashing their wild side and unapologetically accepting who they are. Both on the inside and the outside. The music video for her latest release, creative directed and styled by Oththan “Otheezy” Burnside, showcases women embracing their sexuality, but most importantly, embracing their fierce fearlessness with no holds barred. Although 2021 is no stranger to seeing women in the limelight, it’s refreshing to see how women honoring their power can far surpass cultural and language barriers. Esteisy’s mix of Spanish and English in the song is both a celebration and an invitation to all walks of life to let their own freak flag fly.

Fitness and Style Icon

An entertainer to the core, Esteisy is no stranger to experimenting when it comes to style. In fact, her own diverse style paired with her strict fitness regimen is what positioned her effortless entrance into the world of fashion and modeling. For Esteisy, she found that fitness has afforded her the energy and the mental clarity to perform her best. As a creative and an advocate for mental health, Esteisy has also used fitness as a tool to break down creative barriers.

As a brand, Esteisy is about more than the music. She is about unity. And her dedication to overall health and being an authentic entertainer has attracted collaborations with artists, brands, and many more. Esteisy is also working with Starstruck Management to assist in managing the demand in the music industry and beyond. Regardless of industry or platform, when we see Esteisy, she consistently delivers something that is unique, fresh, and definitely unexpected. Which is also a part of what makes her iconic.

Artist, entertainer, vocalist, fitness and style icon, Esteisy is full of surprises. Her music and her style has touched many within Reggaeton Urbano and the Hip Hop markets. And she’s shown she’s certainly more than what meets the eye. As music evolves and changes, we are excited and on the edge of our seats waiting to see what is coming next.

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