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hunnaRIP Is Set To Modify The Genre Of Hip Hop

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Every once in a while a music artist appears who changes the music game forever with their innovation and unique talent. The sheer hard work and god-tier talent are what made artists like Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000, and even Jay-Z a legend. One such gifted artist who is buzzing in the hip-hop world is hunnaRIP. Born and raised in Los Angeles, HunnaRIP went through lots of hurdles while emerging. Despite unfavorable conditions, he kept moving forward. hunnaRIP describes that he always wanted to be a musician and even started creating musical pieces in his childhood. In the hip-hop world, connections matter the most, as a musical godfather can teach you all the good and bad about it, and essentially help you understand “the game”. For hunnaRIP, there was no such godfather figure, and he had to start from the bottom. It was only his constant hard work and dedication which gave him all the success.

As per many mainstream music critics, hunnaRIP’s music is often recognized as smooth as a breeze with lots of heart. It’s a new generation of music which not only tells the struggles of young people but also shares the message of finding happiness in dire times. Artists like hunnaRIP are the real future of West Coast hip-hop and they will be the ones who push the genre to new heights. This year hunnaRIP has launched two singles that were considered instant hits on YouTube. His recent songs have gotten word of praise from musical legend Pharrell. His new single “Playbook” is out now and available on all major streaming platforms including YouTube as well as Spotify. He will be releasing another album in the Winter called “Wanted” which is expected to be his best work yet and has already created a lot of buzz around social media.

It isn’t too far-fetched to say that hunnaRIP is on his way to becoming a legend. For professional and personal queries you can reach out to hunnaRIP on his website/social media down below.

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