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Interview: DJ Trebble on Producing Viral The TikTok Sensation “Touch Down 2 Cause Hell” and His Baton Rouge Roots

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Baton Rouge native, DJ Trebble, has been making some serious noise with an incredible year under his belt! With a roster of hits, DJ Trebble has quickly proved himself as a producer to watch out for, as he is putting his city on and doing it well. It’s clear that DJ Trebble has an ear for talent, as his recent collaboration with rapper HD4President contributed to the rise in both his own and HD’s success. He’s the producer behind the “Touch Down 2 Cause Hell (Bow Bow Bow)” viral sensation that took over TikTok during the summer. 


He’s been taking in all of his success as of recent, receiving nothing but positive reactions and enjoying the journey along the way.


“When I went on stage at the River Center with HD4President at his first show since he was signed to Motown, our viral song “Touchdown 2 Cause Hell” had just dropped,” DJ Trebble explained. “He brought me out and showed mad love. Just seeing all the people, the lights and the crowd, I just saw my vision coming to life like I could see the future right in front of my eyes. It was a monumental moment and there are going to be many more. Shout out to all the artists that recognize and credit the producers like that, it’s rare.”


Now, DJ Trebble, a Louisiana native, hopes to continue that momentum and represent his city while he’s at it. 


“Louisiana has such a distinct style, I just feed off of it,” he said. “The beats I first started making and still make are rooted in that sound and energy. I make all types of beats, I’m versatile as hell but one thing I’ll always be able to make a hit out of is a Baton Rouge beat.”


Influenced by his younger days of growing up on Baton Rouge royalty, artists such as “Boosie, Webbie, and Lil Phat,” serve as original inspirations. When asked about one reason that he is passionate about music and what inspires him, Trebble responded that he enjoys helping artists grow.


“Taking someone and helping build them up,” DJ Trebble said. “Being able to team up and make something that people have never heard before. And I like to get involved early, I did that with HD4President, I did that with Shon Thang. I know when I hear something good. The artist and the producer go hand in hand when it comes to building a sound.”


The Southern native has been collaborating with fellow Baton Rouge natives like NBA Young Boy and Fredo Bang. DJ Trebble, most recently, has caught the attention of his idol Baton Rouge legend Boosie Badazz – now even recording together. Trebble looks up to Boosie for how he put Louisiana on the map, and that is precisely what Trebble plans on doing too. 


Since the release of the single and it becoming a viral sensation, DJ Trebble has had quite a few notable moments in relation to his career success. First, Boosie has released the first (of many) DJ Trebble-produced records “Me Against the World.” Second, Trebble says that ESPN has taken note of his success and reached out to him to synch “Touch Down 2 Cause Hell” on College Football Gameday. The notoriety doesn’t end there; C4 Energy drink company used the song in a commercial, and lastly — the song is set to be featured on Season 2 of Netflix’s The Upshaws.


With all of these recent accomplishments, Trebble wants to be the man to help the new wave of artists find their sound and navigate the industry. With such artists like HD4President, PlayboyXO, Bando Jay, and Bando Kay Pe, all of who DJ Trebble believes are up next, he’s bound to be a super-producer who’s part of the generational movement of music.

Be sure to follow DJ Trebble Via Instagram @djtrebble on Twitter @trbonthebeat to be on the lookout for what he does next.


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