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Fitbit and Will Smith team up to put health first

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Will Smith joins as Fitbit’s newest ambassador to launch exclusive content for social, Fitbit Premium, and upcoming YouTube Originals docuseries, “Best Shape of My Life,” centered on the physical and mental aspects of strength that define better health today.

Physical and mental health are especially critical to the Black community. Compared to their white counterparts, Black men and women are 40%-60% more likely to have high blood pressure and 30% more likely to die from heart disease. In addition, Black people are 20% more likely to suffer from psychological distress, but less likely to receive the proper treatment. Now more than ever, it’s important that our community build long-lasting wellness habits to enhance and maintain our health.
In that spirit, today, Fitbit announced it’s teaming up with Will Smith for an exclusive content series available on Fitbit Premium. Through video sessions featuring Will and his training team, you can join Will along on his journey to self-improvement through workouts and mindfulness sessions designed to refocus on what it means to be strong. Will is sharing his journey and inviting the community to join in. There is certainly work to be done; and Will Smith is a great example of commitment to living a healthier life

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