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“Sunset Avenue” The Latest Release From Charlieonnafriday

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“You know I feel my best on Sunset Avenue,” says rising star artist Charlieonnafriday about his summer hit song “Sunset Avenue”. The song’s title and subject revolve around Charlie’s hometown in Seattle, Washington: the energy of which he attempted to capture when homesick on a recording session in Los Angeles. The lyrics feel so strikingly genuine and real, as Charlie is writing about the place he holds closest in his heart, and the city he loves most.

Charlieonnafriday wrote and co-produced “Sunset Avenue” with Casper do it Again on their first-ever recording session. While some might credit creating a hit single so early to luck, it’s simply what happens when the energy is right and the song’s theme has this much importance to the artists. This track screams “roll your windows down and blast the music during a summer drive”, and Charlie wouldn’t have it any other way.

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