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Peter John Anadio II’s new single “Electric Feel” electrifies the atmosphere instantly.

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Right now, the song “Electric Feel” is setting records all over the internet. There is no streaming platform that it has not hit yet. Peter and his songs are currently being discussed by everyone who is anyone. There is little doubt that Peter John Anadio II has become well-known as a result of this song.

His new EP, which has been released in 2021, has three songs: “Need You,” “Electric Feel,” and “Closer.” The songs were chosen in such a way that they may be played together. This is evident because, once you’ve played them, you’ll want to keep playing them over and over again.

“Electric Feel”, as the name suggests, is an electrifying song. The song features very powerful beats and an exciting tune which gives it its signature quality. Peter has been very careful when crafting this song, as he wanted to satisfy the need for excitement of his fans. And rest assured he did not disappoint.

Peter is currently trending across all social media channels. Anyone who is familiar with house music is currently discussing Peter John Anadio II. In the next few years, we should expect a lot more from Peter. Fans are excited to see what he has in store for them in the future.

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