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Get To Know Kareem Chenheu, The Composer / Director That Breathes Life Into 3amAlexander

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Kareem Chenheu aka 3amAlexander is known for his doc series (All Ends Of The Spectrum) which is approaching close to 80 released episodes. It’s been a long journey For the creative challenging himself between the production behind doors and a life in front of the camera. Now Chenheu is testing the waters of being a musician under the stage name 3amAlexander. His most recent release was a party track called “Bad News,” it’s an EDM track that’ll get your heart pumping.

We sat down with 3amAlexander for a brief interview, check that out below.

How long have you been working on your sound and music in general?

“Well, it all started in High School which I saw my brother working on music from his laptop in the closet. He would print these CDs and play the music for me sometimes. One day, I went in there on my own, he worked on Garage Band, it was mega foreign to me at the time, but I tried it. I recommend everyone try something new always. I didn’t make a song that day but I got to hear myself and yeah I have been working on my sound since 2014.”

Who are some artists you pull inspiration from?

“Honestly, I listen to a lot of current music, all the SoundCloud vibes, but I enjoy the classics, I really loved N.E.R.D, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye, and a lot of chill music like Mac Miller, Wiz, and JoeyBadass. The List can go crazy, Wayne, but hey I’m really a music lover at heart, I like what I like.”

Would you be open to signing With a Label?

“Definitely. Labels help in big ways that why they’re called the “Majors” I wouldn’t mind a publishing deal and maybe start getting in some of these writers’ rooms to spread my art/sound.”

On the film side, the most recent short film from Kareem is going to be his trip to St. Louis with his Girlfriend for a short vacation. In this episode, you’ll find Kareem doing some traveling to a few states away and each edit transition will blow your mind.

Check out 3amAlexander’s  videos on YouTube, his music on Spotify and follow him over on Instagram!




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