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Summer Of 2021, Hot Upcoming Artists / Producers

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This summer there are some artists and producers who have proven beyond excellence. They have simply maneuvered through the rough terrain, and as usual, hard work has been compensated. We have hand-picked the best of them all and put them together. 



Crush would describe the group they are currently in to be heavily influenced by rap/hip hop music. He grew up listening to country and rock music. His top three artists would be Ski Mask, Lil Peep, and Mary J Blidge. His first EP had four songs made from a guitar hero mic and a website called soundtrack. B.U.Ms (Broke Underrated Misfits) started as four broke friends living in a tow behind trailer. Most of the members left the group leaving Crush and Human. What he wants most is the sold-out shows and people telling him that his music makes them feel a certain way. Catch him with @crushwitdamoney on IG.


Jeffery DX

Jeffery DX is a musician who describes his musical style as diverse with a lot of variances. He is an 18-year-old kid from Georgia trying to make his dreams come true. The first album he owned was “To Pimp a Butterfly” by Kendrick Lamar. Practice and drinking water is how he prepares before going on stage. Currently, Pride is the Devil by J. Cole has been stuck in his head, while his favorite artist would be Quadeca. Jeffery shares that his first song was a diss track which was a complete failure. Jeffery Dx aspires to be a social influencer, an actor, and of course, a musician. Catch him on IG @jeffery_dx. Additionally, his album, Broken Fables is now streaming. 



He defines his musical style as pop with elements of rock, funk, blues, jazz, and R&B. Yourself of Someone like you by Matchbox was the first album he ever owned. He has no rituals before performing. JMW has been in the game for a long time, so nowadays, it’s easy to jump on stage, perform his songs, and build a rapport with the audience. His favorite artist would be John Layer. He wrote a blues pop song titled “ Better on Paper,” released in 2013. It was a success for his friends and family but failed on streaming platforms. JMW explains that his new single Bachelorette is about his bad luck with dating apps.



Justis’ music style changes depending on what he is writing about. He would describe his sounds as vibes or spices. The first album he ever owned was Californication by the Red Hot Chilli Pepper. He says they are the reason he makes music. Before going on stage, he needs alcohol and maybe a few blunts to loosen up since he has anxiety. These days he is listening to My Feelings by 03 Greedo. Other than himself, his favorite artists are Babyface and Mac Miller. His first song was a success, according to him. It was not the best quality, but it showed him that he could do it and keep progressing and growing.



His type of music would be described as drill or hip hop. The first album he owned was Hunger For More by Lloyd Banks. With all the nerves that come with performing, S.j.dub prepares by going over his words, drinking a lot of water, and working on his stage presents. His current earworm would be backdoor by Pop Smoke. His favorite artist is Meek Mill. 

S.j dub’s first song would be Kill Me First, which is about him and all he has been through. He would pick money over fame because he has kids and wants a better life for them. Follow him on his socials at S.j.dub3.



ADG is a versatile producer who describes his best production as the melodic tunes with hard-hitting drums. He is the kind that loves to work with others, as it motivates him to make even better beats. He is a big admirer of Roddy Rich, Rod Wave, and Polo G, with whom he would also love to work with. He looks up to Nick Mira, who he has listened to since he started making music. He learned production by watching his livestreams. When asked what his goals are for his music career, he said “at the end of the day, I just want to be able to listen to projects and records that I have produced and enjoy them.” He continues to say, “All of the accolades that come with music are bonuses.” Music being ADG’s passion, he anticipates being a full-time producer in the future and further exploring his music abilities. As for accolades, he is aiming to produce for a platinum record, be part of a Grammy-winning song, and produce a billboard #1 hit. ADG has worked with Trinidad James and Matti Baybee, and many other artists. You can follow him on all his social media platforms @adg.wav on Instagram, and @beatsbyadg on Twitter to know his musical capabilities and hear his songs.


PJ Productionz

PJ Productionz is a hip hop, rap, pop, RnB, afro beats, gospel rap, and Latin rap producer who is inspired to make beats by the spiritual warfare and hate against the enemy. The first song he made, ‘Let it Rock,’ by Jm3, was a considerable success in streaming. His biggest dream is to have his recording label and make hits for renowned artists in the industry. He also urges his fans to stay tuned on his social media platforms @pjproductionz, for he is ready to release more advanced tunes soon.


DarkNess Tha Dark God

DarkNess ” Tha Dark God”, is an Canadian artist hailing from Edmonton, Alberta that everybody should check out. When we interviewed him he recalled the first album he owned as ‘Better Dayz’ by the late Tupac Amaru Shakur, which further helped peaked his interest in Hip-Hop. DarkNess has worked with notable names in underground rap including Benny The Butcher & Kinetic 9 from Killarmy. In preparation DarkNess memorizes all his lyrics to make sure his flow in the booth is concise & on point, making sure all words spoken can be ” heard & learned”. He told us that he believes success is a matter of consistency, and staying in “one’s own lane” & attracting ” the real fans, & weeding out the banal”. DarkNess told us he would choose money over fame to strive for a stable brand, which would help him reach a wider audience. Check this up an coming artist! Fans can follow DarkNess on his instagram: @jaigill3030 and YouTube: Darkness 09300 to know more about him.


Sharick Payne Jr

Sharick Payne Jr is a Trap and blues artist from the west side of Dayton, OH. He is also a natural performer who, before going on stage, prepares by singing the songs that he anticipates performing on stage. Tupac, Drake and T Pain are his favourite artists, and they also made him want to create his style of music. His song, ‘Propayn3- Paris Morgan,’ is the tune stuck on his head of late as he is trying to figure out where he can improve it. His first song could make him any money, for he didn’t own the beats, although his fans and city loved it, something that made him want to go an extra mile and own his songs. Being a forward thinker, he anticipates releasing more advanced hits as he is always working on improving his craft. He also plans to improve the status of his society and family when he has got enough money. To learn more on this upcoming artist and get updated on his coming releases, check and follow him on his social media platforms @sharickpaynejr.


The Almighty Griff

From when he was a child, The Almighty Griff’s mother saw something special about him and kept telling him that he would be a singer. His music style is a diverse combination of rap, hip hop, and RnB. He also has a bold and distinguishable style and voice that is easy to note when listened to. Since he was a child, he has lived to perform in talent shows and choir concerts, and the experience has made him grow into a natural performer. Juice Wrld is his all-time best artist, who is also an inspiration for him to make music. He tries to make music that relates to himself and the fans, making his fan base grow even beyond his expectations. He anticipates creating more advanced hits consistently, for he is sure that the star in him will shine globally soon. 



AJB describes his music style as melodic beats combined with storytelling Barz, wordplay, and euphoric that brings an easy-listening kind of rap. He has made music for three years and has not had the opportunity to perform due to COVID-19 restrictions, but because things have started to ease, he is looking for live shows and concerts to perform. The first song he made, ‘DTK Drop the Knife,’ was recorded with a laptop and was not a success without the knowledge of much about music. Since then, he has perfected how to record and mix, which has made his music quality eminent over time. He is working on upgrading the quality of his recordings, visuals and grow his fan base. Follow him on his social media pages @mc_ajb_ to get a taste of his music and more updates on his coming releases.


Miles Squiers

Miles Squiers is an artist from San Francisco who creates different genres of music, including Jazz, Soul, Rock, Rap, and more. He is also a performer who prepares by rehearsing the tunes he anticipates to perform, tries and gets hyped, and prays before going on stage. Kanye West, Drake, and John Mayer, who he loves because of his song structure, are his favorite artists. His newest release ‘Undercover,’ ft Naia Rose is a blend of lyrical and melodic nods and Hip Hop. He is working on releasing an album this fall, which he is certain will expand his fan base. Follow him on Instagram @milessquiers to listen to his crafts and get updated on his coming releases.


50 Cheedoe

50 Cheedoe is a 29-year-old recording and performing artist whose music is a blend of melodic tunes mixed with trap. His music is also real-life storytelling, making him relate to the fans by singing about things people go through every day. Before going on stage, he prepares by listening to the tunes he intends to rock the stage with and pray. His favorite artists are Jay-Z and 50 cent, who he is working on getting to their level in the industry. He started writing songs at 18 years and has written over 2000 songs in just ten years. 50 Cheedoe is working on releasing new hits soon, so stay tuned on his social media pages for more updates on Twitter @juisootw, Instagram, and @BigCheedoe. 


Spaz Ommo

Spaz Ommo is a producer and an artist whose music is a blend of Mexikodro and Noir Brent. The first album he owned was Michael Jackson’s, who he loves to listen to till now. Among the songs that have been stuck in his head is ‘Let My Money Talk,’ by Supreme Haiti. Spaz Ommo would prefer to have money to fame, for it would help him grow his brand and his society at large. However, he is also a lover of aesthetics and would like to look at the past. For more information on this upcoming youngster, check him on his social media pages @spazommo.

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