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Meet Damon Feldman The man behind Celebrity Boxing 🥊

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*Meet Damon Feldman, the man behind celebrity boxing and the one who experienced it all – success, fall and revival.*
_*Damon Feldman is the Delaware County fighter-turned-promoter with the ability to coax D-list celebrities into boxing rings.*_
Often, we hear people taking inspiration from people who have followed the right path and have achieved greatness with their good deeds and hard work in their respective industries. However, some people are taking inspiration from a man, who lived it all, saw the darkest of times in his career and life and still overcame them all and is now on his path to revival. Serving as a great story of redemption is the story of a boxing promoter named Damon Feldman. This man is the one behind celebrity boxing.
Damon Feldman is now living his new life, where he has written a book titled “The 16 Minute Man” and is working around turning his book into a movie, with the script already written by David Greenberg, which has the rise of a canvas story plot, portraying the life of him as a Delaware County fighter, heavyweight undefeated in a career cut short by a neck injury. It plays around the standard boxing theme of success, fall and revival.
However, this new life that Damon Feldman currently lives came after he lived in the dark for 13 long months from December 2016 to all of 2017 in detention. The extended isolation made him write a story about his life as a boxer, with the help of Sporty Smith and Angel Miller. This story, which he wrote in jail, took the form of a book, around which he now plans to make a movie.
He reveals that his story will include about his mother, who suffered, his fight career, and his rigorous hard work and determination to mainstream celebrity fights. Damon Feldman says that he was in a dark place and had lost it in life, but it will never happen again. He has now returned to fight promotion, and after the pandemic, he plans to get in touch with more willing participants to complete his tale of recovery.
“I want to make this movie a world championship,” says Damon Feldman, who wants to tell his story, adding that he is all about redemption. To know more about him,
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