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Jay Ammo releases 4 Seasons album

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My name is Jay Ammo, I’m a 26 year old singer/songwriter originally from Guyana, a small country in South America, but I now reside in Clarksville TN.
I am currently a Soldier in the United States Army stationed at Fort Campbell Kentucky.
Before my family and I moved to the U.S I worked at a sugar factory called Guysuco and an Electrician, wasn’t a bad job but I’ve always had the passion to do music ever since I picked up my first guitar at 14 years old. Some days I would take my guitar to work with me to write as many songs or hooks as possible during my lunch break, it at kind of annoys people who where trying to take lunch naps but I didn’t care I just wanted to have more and more songs to show to my friends when we would practice.
After months or practicing new material and writing new songs I had my first gig playing for an event my Church hosted, I sang I’m Yours, A classic by Jason Mraz and it actually got a good reaction than I expected. So from then on words I stuck with my art which lead me to where I am today.
My biggest goal for my music is for it to bring a positive vibe to any bad say, I want to inspire artist that they can do it all with just a guitar and a good melody, music is life to me not just because I sing or play but because I know how powerful of a gift it is to behold and I want to use it to help in anyway I can change lives and create opportunities.

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