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How I Feel Is A New Release From AustinTheManager’s Produced EP Archives

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The song How I Feel is the most popular song off of AustinTheManager’s executively produced EP titled, Archives. Being the highest streamed off the project, its no question why. With its catchy lyrics and creative production, this song is the first off of the project due to its arrangement and popularity.


The song opens with a very southern style, shoreline, bell melody with echoing vocals that fill the space. As the song opens up, a banging and impulsive drumline carries the beat into numerous verses from NSG Hollywood, Rabz, and ReedsNovember.


With a feature list this strong on one song alone, it’s no wonder why this song is performing so well. As each artist reveals their own prolific verses, it’s all tied together to create a perfect mix of good study vocals and seamless production.


How I Feel portrays a message of the real world and how these artists are living through it. By waking up each day and facing the obstacles in front of them. As the song carries each verse, you can begin to hear how well put together the song is. With AustinTheManager executively producing this project, each song is pieced together perfectly.


You can give Archives a listen through on Spotify here and you can check out and keep up with AustinTheManager daily on Instagram here, watch his personal YouTube channel here, as well as watch his TikTok channel, here.

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