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GerkOne Makes a Comeback into the Hip-Hop World.

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After ten years of silence away from the music industry, GerkOne finally made the much-awaited comeback last year. Since then, he has been serving hip-hop enthusiasts with hit after hit. Some of his notable hits include “Ice Over” and the thrilling “No Limit” that has been featured in the “We Got Game” mixtape by the West Coast legend, The Game.

A successful rapper, GerkOne is one of the best artists to emerge from Canada. His unique and fascinating works, alongside his fast-rising popularity, make him recognized globally among the best rappers.

His passion for hip-hop music started at a young age. GerkOne shares a profound love for the hip-hop sound that he listened to as a youngster. Growing up, none of his mates could match his rap skills or beat him in a rap battle; he always emerged victorious and was definitely destined for the music world.

GerkOne’s music career officially started in 2007, when he was signed under Fatality Records. A young, passionate, and ambitious rapper, GerkOne quickly established himself as one of the best in the business. In less than three years, he had become a household name in the Canadian local hip-hop scene. He then left Fatality and was no longer working under any label and was rated among the top ten rappers in Canada.

With the global stage in sight, GerkOne’s took a different path catching everyone by surprise. He decided to take a musical hiatus, a move no one expected.

He is now making a major comeback into the music scene. GerkOne is devotedly working to dominate the industry. Coming back in 2020 is proving to be the right decision for him; he is rapidly gaining an audience globally, with many loving his new sound. He has also released several tracks that are doing well. “No limit” was his comeback track, and it was a hit and led him to release “Real as it gets” as a follow-up project.

Though the tracks now dominate various charts, there are other factors that have contributed to his success. His warm personality and passion for music are outstanding. They are part of his major attraction, largely attributing his resurgence.

GerkOne believes that passion is the most important attribute that will lead to success. An artist can possess the right skills, but he needs a passion for putting them into practice. Logically, you can acquire skills, unlike innate passion. It is the passion that helps him keep producing music that thrills his audience.

Since his early days in the music industry, the studio has always been his second home. GerkOne spends most of his time in the studio as that’s where he feels at home and creative. Essentially, it is the passion that separates the great from the rest. A passionate rapper finds it easy to redo a track to perfection. The minor details count, and he is never in a hurry to release songs. To GerkOne, quality supersedes anything else in music. 

Moving forward, GerkOne is working on releasing an album, possibly by the end of the year. GerkOne promises nothing but a collection of gems that will take over the hip-hop waves. Watch for its release by following him on Instagram.

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