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Tribal Music Group: Dream to Reality

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The trap music scene has never been more significant than now, and Tribal Trap is riding that wave to the shore.

Tribal Trap is massively exploding onto the music scene. With over 800k YouTube subscribers, 750k Spotify followers, and over 66k followers on Instagram, this EDM-focused music conglomerate has many contributors. 

This massive success wasn’t always assured, however. Tribal Music Group started its life as no more than a young man’s dream. However, this fully formed collective of record labels has been recognized as the fifth largest label in The Netherlands and has grown to include big names such as Tribal Trap, Trap Music Movement, Diverge Records, F*ck Genres, and Cruise Ctrl. 


The Origin Story of Tribal Trap


Where did all this success come from? It was initially the brainchild of Stan Wittenberg, a 23-year-old entrepreneur from The Netherlands who wanted to express his love of Trap Music through a YouTube channel. What started as his channel, ‘WhiteKnife’, quickly grew to hold more than 350k followers tuning in to his weekly trap mixes highlighting the hottest new trap. Trap music, it seems, is pretty big in The Netherlands.

The following year, in 2014, Stan launched Tribal Trap on the back of this established fanbase. It was set to become an amalgamation of record labels to sponsor EDM and trap music artists and help them get their professional start. Some of the biggest names from their brands include 2Scratch, who now has an impressive 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Skan, who has 900k monthly listeners, and many others. Unknown Brain, Besomorph, and Lox Chatterbox are all names associated with this killer brand.


Shooting to Fame


Although the pandemic has put a slight pause on growth, Tribal Music Group was not thwarted on their path to success. In just 1 year, between 2019 and 2020, they experienced 59.10% growth, a figure that will no doubt continue rising into the coming years. 

As well as having a cumulative following of over a million daily listeners, having started some huge names in trap, and being the fifth largest record label in The Netherlands, Tribal Trap has been planning for the future of music making, all this time. They plan on using a system known as NFTs, otherwise known as ‘Non Fungible Tokens’ to ensure the stability of artists’ careers moving forward.

This way of working sees tracks, artworks and other digital files being auctioned off to the highest bidders, transferring ownership over the blockchain. Thanks to the blockchain and crypto technology, scarcity can be coded into the product – tracks can be sold once, or a hundred, or a thousand times, with the artist deciding how scarce a track should really become. The fans who bought in will be able to freely trade, buy, or sell their NFT on a secondary marketplace. If an artist becomes more popular, the NFT can even appreciate in value because of it being a more sought after product, much like stocks or investments would increase with a company’s success. The model is meant to revolutionize the pro rata, pay per stream business model currently being used by large streaming services into a model where your biggest fans decide how much your music is truly worth by an auction type model. Bringing back scarcity to digital files in an age where music is anything but scarce. 


Onwards and Upwards for Tribal Trap


What’s new for this supergroup collective of record labels? With their recent acquisition of The Trap Music Movement and their 195k subscribers, we can expect to see them moving onwards and upwards. They have already reached the 1 million daily listeners target and will continue to expand their reach by acquiring other trap music labels.

If you are interested in getting into the Trap Music Scene, visit their website or catch them on Instagram for updates.

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