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Multifaceted Artist SCY Introduces a Brand New Flavor to the Music Industry

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It is unquestioned that the music business, crowded with thousands of talents and home to a decorated history, is a hodgepodge of varying flavors. From existing genres to modern-day innovations, there seems to be nothing that has not been done yet – or so it was thought.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and raised on the streets of Los Angeles, California, the music artist SCY (pronounced “Sky”) is proving himself to be the determining factor in that change of perception. Following years of perfecting his craft, the singer, songwriter, producer, and recording engineer at Real Life Music brings an enticing new flavor to the populated industry. 

Having roots in two distinct environments, SCY grew up with an encompassing grasp of cultures and genres. From pop to blues to hip-hop and everything in between, SCY became familiar with the music and fostered an appreciation for the art’s ability to move and connect people from differing backgrounds. 

However, SCY did not grow enamored of a single genre to define his discography, unlike his peers. Instead, his sound is anchored on a particular theme. “The songs I write are based on my real-life experiences, observances or a combination of both. For instance, I have a regular 9-5 career, just like most people. As a result of this, I am able to relate better to the majority.”

Drawing from his everyday experiences, the artist covers topics that are natural to everyone across the globe. From love, stress, bills, taxes to happiness, SCY immortalizes the realities of life through songs – breaking away from the generic party music and welcoming realism into the coveted music charts.

As an artist of Real Life Music, a record label known for embracing its artists’ creativity and unique sound, SCY inspires his labelmates with the release of the well-received track “The Sky Is Falling.” Much to his fans’ excitement, this single is among the line-up of SCY’s upcoming album, Crystal Throne, which, according to the privileged few who have heard it, will host songs reminiscent of the legendary Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” 

As SCY prepares for his album release, “The Sky Is Falling” continues to amass thousands of streams on popular music streaming sites. Through the highly-anticipated Crystal Throne, the versatile artist hopes to leverage his sound to build a connection with listeners worldwide – bringing them some semblance of comfort in having someone who is going through whatever they are facing in their everyday life. 

“Music has the power to heal,” he shares. “It can take you back in time to the greatest times of your life, walk you down the dark path of the pain that comes with life, as well. It can also take you right into the future; brighten or darken your spirit.”

He continues, “music is very powerful,” and SCY is eager to use just that to foster a better environment globally and stir in a new flavor of music that will not only connect individuals, regardless of identity and circumstance but raise the standard of music forever. 

Get a taste of SCY’s unique sound. Learn more about the artist and stay updated on the release of his upcoming album, Crystal Throne, on Real Life Music’s official website



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