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Linda Washington Encourages Breast Cancer Survivors to Find Love Again in New Single

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Whether it is learning to love oneself again despite the physical changes or finding someone who can love them unconditionally no matter what, music artist, author, and breast cancer survivor Linda Washington is encouraging other women like her to never stop looking for the kind of love they need and deserve. Love is the sole inspiration behind her latest single titled "Need Love," featuring Superstar Lamar. The new single comes at the heels of the release of her previous single called "Love Again," which also featured a collaboration with Superstar Lamar.

Linda believes in the power of love to bring about healing in a woman who is starting all over again after beating breast cancer. Apart from having to come to terms with losing one or both breasts, this condition is often falsely viewed by men as a condition that makes them lesser women. Linda is boldly making a stand that women are not defined by their breasts, a truth that many women have not found the courage to express for fear of being rejected. But Linda believes it's time to reject false mindsets about being a breast cancer survivor, and women should be able to find the courage to love themselves first.
Dating again after beating breast cancer has apparently been challenging for many survivors.
Linda herself has experienced what it is like to be treated without respect and to be made to feel inferior. If it has happened to her, she believes it has and still is happening to numerous breast cancer survivors out there, a sad and unacceptable turn of events for suffering women. "I am a breast cancer survivor, and when I decided to date again, I was beaten and belittled and broken and was told I needed to get used to being treated like this because I wasn't a real woman anymore," Linda explained. "I know that there are many women out there who are living in silence because of how people treat them. I want them to know they have a voice."

Promoting her noble advocacy intends to empower and encourage women to believe in their
worth once again and to see themselves beyond their physical assets. Linda is also the author of
the book Forbidden and Broken: Finding Love Behind the Scars, which narrates her personal
journey of how she battled against the deadly disease. By sharing her story and her innermost
pains, she hopes to open the eyes of other cancer survivors that they are not alone in their
journey and that there are other people out there fighting with every ounce of their being to
get another shot at life.

Apart from being an R&B music artist, Linda is also a proud mother of four children. She is also
an active and dedicated healthcare worker. She lives her life today in a way that inspires others
so that they can live with purpose and meaning. For a cancer survivor such as herself, getting a
second chance in life is worth far more than gold. Being able to live and explore new
possibilities are gifts that are very precious to everyone who has ever fought the biggest fight of
their lives.
Check out Linda Washington's blog Strength of Survivors to learn more about her advocacy.
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