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Lakeisha Marion on Helping Women Build Confidence and Financial Freedom With ‘Grace and Dignity

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For centuries, women have fought to be at the forefront of industries, and now they have finally arrived. Society sees women lead, innovate, and empower others, driving changes where it is needed and inspiring millions because of what they have achieved despite being clouded by stereotypes. Lakeisha Marion is among those who have successfully risen to the occasion, but her mission does not stop just within herself. The bestselling author, wealth strategist, and entrepreneur is uplifting other women along her journey, and her programs have impacted tens of thousands across the globe.

Lakeisha Marion is the founder and CEO of a unique mentorship program called Wealthy Women’s Winning Circle Academy. She provides leadership development training, personal branding education, personal wealth strategies, financial literacy training, confidence-building workshop, sales training, and real-time success strategies for women. 

“My unique approach has afforded me the opportunity to train and mentor more than 25,000 women,” shared Lakeisha Marion. “We hold quarterly retreats. These retreats are designed to help women elevate in every area of their lives.”

Lakeisha Marion is rallying women from multiple industries to improve their self-confidence, obtain financial freedom, gain their first million, and improve their skills. Whether she is working with a woman who’s just getting started in her career or someone who’s run many years in her journey, Lakeisha is ready to impact their lives the best she can. Fueled by her real-life experiences, the visionary is confident that what she learned can become valuable lessons for others.

“I went from being a surgical tech to becoming the first millionaire in my family through hard work, dedication, and God’s grace,” shared Lakeisha Marion upon recalling her journey to success. Getting to where she is now was never a walk in the park, but Lakeisha strived to give it her all. In turn, she was able to build a seven-figure real estate portfolio after acquiring seven foreclosures.

“I share my knowledge and strategies with people all around the world,” Lakeisha Marion shared proudly. “I didn’t come from rich parents. I have failed and made mistakes, but I never gave up. I have the knowledge in the field of wealth building, but I also have compassion for those struggling to get ahead because that used to be me. I can truly relate to the woman wanting a better future, and her today doesn’t match her dreams. I can work alongside her and help her live the kind of life that she will not have to take a vacation from ever.”

After witnessing women losing hope and feeling defeated by the flood of problems thrown at them, Lakeisha Marion could not just stand and watch. Thus, she wanted her story to educate others and make them feel that they’re not alone in the fight. Lakeisha wants to be their guide and prevent them from making the same mistakes that caused her to be dragged into the pitfalls of life. She believes that by helping women build their wealth, she is also helping them build a life with freedom. “I want my life’s work to inspire and equip other young women that have a desire to live a wealthy lifestyle,” said Lakeisha.

In five years, Lakeisha Marion aims to coach more individuals, host wealth-building events worldwide, and get involved with more philanthropic efforts to pay her success forward. 

To learn more about Lakeisha Marion, visit her website.


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