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Elijah Runako Explains How You Can Find Your True Calling

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Some people know what they want to do with their lives from a very young age. However, for many others, it’s harder to identify their passion and the job they’d be happy working at for a long period of time. Elijah Runako is a musician who’s collaborated with artists like Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, and Joey Purple, and he wants to share the best ways that you can find your true calling.


Try several different things.


It might seem tempting to try to find your calling right away and have it as your first job. Unfortunately, many people aren’t that lucky, and they have to explore different career paths before they’re able to find something that they love. “In addition to my music, I own a water company, and I also day trade in cryptocurrency,” Elijah Runako said. “Those might not be my true callings like music is, but they’ve taught me a lot and I enjoy them, so I continue to use them as side hustles as I work on my songs.”


Don’t follow someone else’s dreams.


Your parents or other family members might have certain expectations from you, but you should never limit yourself to the kind of passion that other people approve of. “So many people told me I wouldn’t be able to make it with my music,” said Elijah. “It took me some time, but I’m glad I didn’t limit myself, and instead, I decided to prove them wrong.”


Don’t assume your job is your calling.


If you have a passion, you might find out that it’s not the same as your job, at least at first. “When you love something, you might not need it to pay the bills. However, it’s always great if these things can sync up at some point down the line if you want them to,” explains Elijah Runako.


Determining what you want to do with your life is a difficult decision. However, if you follow your dreams as Elijah Runako did, you might find yourself in a vocation that’s the perfect fit for you.

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