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Young GBA is the next artist to blow UP from the city

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Music has been an interest of mine since I was about 4 years old, just playing around rhyming and having fun. When I turned about 13 is when I really started to take it seriously and realized I had talent and a passion for it. Master p is one of the first artists that inspired me to do music his sound was different at the time being that I was from the north and he’s a Southern rapper. Next I’d say the artist  to make the biggest impact was Wiz Khalifa, and few others like T.I., the Lox and 50 cent. Music is universal, and being able to express myself and speak on the experiences I’ve gone through as well as others around me just from a more creative and relatable perspective is what really made me continue to pursue music. I did a couple of songs on some well known instrumentals received some positive feedback,and started developing a fanbase I was officially hooked. My personal level of success will be reached when the artists I once looked up to notice my contribution in the music industry and feel just as honored to work with me as I am with them. I want my work ethic to be acknowledged as well as the heart and soul I put into the projects I put out .. Id say my music is a combination of Pittsburgh Pa meets Georgia. Incorporating the art of story telling  which most northern music is know for,but still having that Southern flavor and beats that get the clubs turnt.As far as other avenues other than music I’m open to learning other aspects of the industry like producing, beat making, writing and potentially acting. I look forward to seeing where my talent can take me honestly. Follow him @2114younggba to check out his music

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