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The Latest Release From The Kimonds DJ Duo; Omri Malkla & Gabrielle Falanga Is Abosolutely Incredible.

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If you haven’t heard of The Kimonos yet you are sure to hear about them soon as they become one of the biggest names in house music this year. The release of Bana is taking the internet by storm. The reactions on twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are nothing short of spectacular. Everyone is loving these guys and we couldn’t be more hyped for what’s to come. Omri Malka and Gabriele Falanga are the two geniuses behind the Kimonos and they have no doubt caught our attention. They clearly have a deep understanding of music, which shows in their song “Bana”. The song lets us gauge the raw skill that both Omri Malka and Gabriele have in house music. The use of music elements belonging to afro house and melodic techno gleams through in this latest single from them. The song has been such a massive hit. The Kimonos song “Bana’, which was just released, is destroying streaming records across Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Fans are loving this one. It has definitely set them apart from anyone else in the house music scene right now. Giving this song a listen is an absolute must!

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