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Struggle Cartel Drops ‘Ties’ Featuring Benny the Butcher, Rick Hyde, 80 Empire & More

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Top Buffalo Based Music Label Struggle Cartel World premiered the latest in new music. The debut project ‘Ties’ which dropped July 23rd is a collection of 18 tracks featuring Hip Hop pioneers like 80 EMPIRE, Benny The Butcher, Rick Hyde, Breed Mafia, Body Bag Ben, Pounds448, Stretchdotcom & Speedie Da Icon, Johnny Bravo, KevMac, Mars, Bubu The Prince & Moody , Heem,  Flee Lord, Same Dude, ETO, Ockz , Che Noir Raxx, Grenzy, Nephh, Kingdagger, JJ Luis, JayOz, Blaze Merch , Ziz, Spiderdagod, Boons , Xtorzionayte and Smoke Bulga.

“Ties” via  Struggle Cartel is the latest project is executively produced by NY Music Executive, Producer, Entrepreneur Struggle Mike with producer credits such as The Late DJ Shay, West Coast’s Break Out Producer of 2020 Roar X, Diam , Chup, CeeGee, Mumblz, Diam , Rick Hyde, Four Limbs, IceRocks and Flexx Beats.


‘Ties’ includes 18 Hit Singles with each named after a notorious gangster in history. Fan favorites from this project include tracks like “John Gotti”, “Capone”, “Chapo” “Milano” and “Cohen”. Struggle Mike reportedly named the album TIES to reflect the parallels and irony between the Code of the Mafia and the Code of the Streets & the Family ties that bind them together.

Struggle Mike has been in the headlines before. You may recognize his name from past albums that he has executively produced; even hand picking the artists featured on the songs him-self.  Albums in his discography include, The Great Escape, The WallNxt UpProgress and now his 5th installment- “TIES”. Fans of the Music Exec are calling his new album “TIES” his best work to date. Struggle Mike has collaborated in the past with artists like: China Mac, Rick Hyde, 38 Spesh, 80 EMPIRE, KLASS MURDA, ETO, El Camino, Fred The Godson (RIP), Conway The Machine, TSU Surf, Benny The Butcher, Smoke Bulga, Eto, 38 SPESH, Che Noir, Hus Kingpin, SameDude, GRENZY, KEV MAC, DIXSON WAZ and more!

Check Out STRUGGLE CARTEL Discography Below:

Struggle Cartel also debuted the official music video for track #9

Struggle Mike x The Breed Mafia – Matranga (New Official Music Video)

STRUGGLE MIKE World Premiered:

Track #2: “Gotti (Dope Boys remix)” featuring Benny the Butcher, Heem and Smoke Bulga, Track #6: “Luciano” featuring Flee Lord and Heem. Struggle Cartel also have videos on the way for Track #15 : Merlino – feat. Ziz , Speedie Da Icon & Spiderdagod – prod by Mumblz FT, And Track #18 John Gotti Dope Boys Mix–Ft. Benny the Butcher, Heem B$F & Smoke Bulga – produced by Ice rocks and Track #2 BONNANO Ft Benny the Butcher, HEEM & Rick Hyde.

STRUGGLE MIKE is also the Owner of Buffalo based music label: Struggle Cartel & Struggle Compound: A Clothing Boutique, Barber Shop & Music Studio in one. Article By: KIM COCO



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Instagram: @StruggleMike716


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To Book Studio Sessions, video production, Low rider car rentals – @StruggleMike on Instagram Struggle Clothing Records:

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1. Intro – produced by Chup

2. John Gotti  – feat. Heem & Smoke Bulga – prod by IceRocks

3. Milano – feat. MC Eiht, Stretchdotcom & Speedie Da Icon – prod by Chup

4. Eng – feat. Johhny Bravo & KevMac – prod by Cee Gee

5. Chapo – feat. Mars, Bubu The Prince & moody – prod by Flexx Beats

6. Luciano – feat. Heem & Flee Lord – prod by DJ Shay

7. Skit (Struggle Mike) – prod by Chup

8. Bonanno – feat. Benny The Butcher, Rick Hyde & Heem – prod by Chup

9. Matranga – feat. Breed Mafia – prod by CeeGee

10. Scarfo – feat. Body Bag Ben, Pounds448 & Same Dude – prod by Chup

11. Valenti – feat. ETO, Ockz & Che Noir – prod by Diam

12. Trafficante – feat. Raxx, Grenzy & Nephh – prod by Chup

13. Cohen – feat. Speediedaicon & Kingdagger – prod by Roar X

14. Capone – feat. JJ Luis, Jayoz & Blaze Merch – prod by Flexx Beats

15. Merlino – feat. Ziz , Speedie Da Icon & Spiderdagod – prod by Mumblz

16. Johnson – feat. Boons & KevMac – prod by Rick Hyde

17. Noonan – feat. Xtorzionayte & Rick Hyde – produced by Four Limbs

18. John Gotti Dope Boys Mix–Ft.Benny the Butcher, Heem B$F & Smoke Bulga – prod. by Ice rocks

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