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Joseph Toth aka DJ Collab Offers Up Summer Hit “Difference”

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Coming from a family who has always loved the 9-5 corporate world and never stepped out of their comfort zone, Joseph Toth aka DJ Collab is looking to break that streak and be the first to do something non-traditional. He started learning how to be an artist when he was 19 years old in the middle of the ocean when he was deployed for the US Navy and hasn’t looked back since. Gaining recognition in his local area, DJ Collab is now looking to take it big time and recently released his song “Difference” to get the ball rolling.

Difference” is a collaboration track with QuanDot and Vanni that has DJ Collab’s fans hyped for late summer nights. The three artists bring together their talents to create a catchy upbeat vibe that is second to none, as they speak on the topic of being different and the advantages that come with it. Too many people nowadays try too hard, but they’re just here to have a good time and women like that. They have done something with this one, and anticipation builds as fans await the next release.

Difference” is unlike any other song out right now and shows off the skills that these artists possess. DJ Collab has set the tone with this one and we can expect him to come with the same energy on future tracks. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as he is making moves out here very quickly and you’re not going to want to miss out.

Stream DJ Collab’s “Difference” on Spotify here.

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