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Keith “Youngin” George II, Lamont “Renzo” Bracy, and Knick George Disrupts Entertainment Industry with Strategic Connections

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In a post pandemic economy, entrepreneurs are in search of new methods to engage their base. The same holds true for the entertainment industry.  Meet Industry veterans Keith “Youngin” George II and Lamont “Renzo” Bracy. Since 2008, the two have been permanent fixtures in the world of hip-hop.  From the tedious works of artist relations, to signifying partnerships and connections to some of the artists we know today, both Youngin and Renzo have been involved.  Recently, Keith “Youngin” George II, took his youngest brother, Knick George under his wings to guide him through the waters of Entertainment success. Knick George, a recent graduate, has established himself as an Influencer in the vibrant San Antonio entertainment district. 


Keith “Youngin” George II, a former Mixtape DJ and A&R, brought his vast knowledge of dot connecting, which has yielded over 1 million of dollars of revenue for investors and clients.  As an executive, Youngin has connected the dots in many industry circles by placing both artists and executives in position to close deals on many of the records heard over the airwaves today. In April 2022, Youngin partnered with Alex Marley to attend the “Elements” event, presented by the Lova Canna Co. Dispensary which shed light on the flourishing cannabis industry. The visit will serve as the catalyst for Youngin’s and Bobby Jamez upcoming Podcast, “Who’s More Toxic”. In June, Youngin acquired the talents of Multi-Platinum Los Angeles based producer De-Capo. De-Capo has worked with artists such as T-Pain, Iggy Azalea, Tedashii, A.I., EXO, and Red Velvet.


Lamont “Renzo” Bracy is an author, film director, record executive, and music publicist who works as a  publicist for the stars. In addition to formally representing music artists, Renzo is an established journalist responsible for some of the interesting reads to date. Renzo is responsible for hundreds of publication placements, including serving as a contributing author for CEO Weekly, Huffpost, The Hype Magazine, Sho-TimeTV, and Wazzuptonight. In February of 2022, Renzo started World Premiere Agency (WPA), a boutique Artist Agency to teach and reach creatives looking to advance their career. In July, Renzo signed on to manage up and rising Comedian and Actor Jerriell Braswell.  


Knick George,  the co-owner of MCK AutoSpa auto detailing service in San Antonio has become quite the social influencer.  Knick is a permanent fixture in San Antonio’s club scene, with a strong following that’s growing.  Knick is also an investor in the Kandiid app, both monetarily and internally. Knick George leverages his power of influence to assist the Kandiid team with fundraising and marketing. 


The partnership of Keith “Youngin” George II, Knick George, and Lamont “Renzo” Bracy is about connecting resources to open the envelope of possibilities. “The goal is to create a network, or safe haven for artists and creatives to flourish in the industry”, states Knick George. In the past ten years, the entertainment industry has taken a beating when it comes to viability.  By leveling the playing field for creatives, the opportunity for fair royalty sharing will leave all involved content. The partnership strengthens the outreach of resources. The three gentlemen operate in their respective fields of expertise; however, they partner frequently to collaborate and assist on entertainment deals. 


The name of the game for making it in the Entertainment Industry is exposure.  There are several reasons why many fail in the industry; however, the main culprits are: Failure to build their brand, No Target, failure to network, bad timing, and no commerce. With Kandiid, the three are changing the narrative for artists (no matter what genre) to monetize on every aspect of their career.  “There are so many ways to capitalize on Kandiid; however, knowing how to deploy a good social media strategy will enhance chances of success’ , states Keith Youngin George II. 


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