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Interview With Upcoming Artist SHAHLON

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What is your name?


Would you rather have? 50k in cash or a perfect credit score, and why?

I’d rather have 50k in cash over a perfect credit score cuz I know with the mind and discipline that I have I can flip that 50k into 100k

Who is your favorite producer?

My favorite producer is Havoc From Mobb Deep I love dark gritty production


Are you a touring artist or a recording artist?

I’m not currently a touring artist


Have you ever thought about quitting music?

Quitting Music ain’t really an option for me I’m In Too Deep I wouldn’t  be able to live with myself


Favorite Era of music?

My favorite era of music is the 95-96 era

Of mafioso rap some great albums came out round the time and everybody was bringing it


Do you plan on traveling?

I do plan on traveling in fact one day I wanna go to Africa


Are you an independent artist or are you signed or under any management?

I’m part of an Independent Music Group Called Blud Money Music but I’m not currently signed or under any management

What was your most memorable concert, did you perform at it?

I’m from The DMV and I remember my Dad taking me to see Chuck Brown and his band play it was a great moment


What was your biggest challenge that you had to overcome during your music career, so far?

The biggest challenge for me as a musician has been the marketing aspect I have talent and a very strong work ethic but sometimes it not what you know it’s who you know but I know what I do is hot and what I got is special and I’m almost close to my goal of dropping three albums in a year

something that I wouldn’t have been able to do even a few short years ago cuz of my financial

Situation at the time but I stayed focus didn’t

Allow life circumstances to cloud my vision

And now I’m on a whole other level

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