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Tea Sea: Astounding music lovers with his expressive voice and innate music skills.

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His breakthrough success in the American music scene was with his R&B trap track “Vitals”, released in 2021.*_
The constant rise of certain industries and fields often make us wonder about the reasons behind their growth and success. However, one cannot go without crediting the incessant hard work and relentless drive of young professionals who believe in putting their best foot forward and offering something unique to people they desire to cater to. The music industry, especially in the US, which is known for giving birth to innumerable such musical talents, has helped pave the path for many talented professionals in the form of singers, composers, rappers, lyricists, etc., amongst which, a few of them have shone brighter. Tea Sea, originally Tevin Lee Church, is the perfect example of a young music star from Norfolk, Virginia, who has created his loyal base of fans and followers with his back-to-back hits, earning massive listeners every month on streaming sites as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur.
Though Tea Sea started with music while in high school and posted his first song to SoundCloud titled “Settle Down” under the pseudonym Aretë Rheí in 2014, “Vitals”, the R&B trap track that he released in 2021, gave him his breakthrough success in the competitive American music scene. Tea Sea specializes in melodic, emotional trap music and has gone ahead in enthralling music lovers with an expressive voice combined with outstanding melodies and lyrics. Being a creative soul, Tea Sea as a child, would write and draw his own stories and comics as an outlet of expression. His parents introduced him to older soul and R&B records, and gradually, he also discovered hip hop.
Tea Sea recalls how he had begun rapping only as a joke, and little did he know that he would hone his craft in the same and, in his senior year, would perform in both his high school talent show and the 2012 Festival International de Louisiane. His first professionally engineered recording took place in 2012 during his freshman year of college at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, collaborating with a French dormmate on a song called “Connections.” Dropping out of university, he began focusing on starting his own business in 2013 and also did several odd jobs to support himself.
However, his song Settle Down gave him great acclaim and 500 views. In 2017, Tea Sea performed his raps as spoken word poems at local bookstores and coffee shops with an associate he met while working at a car dealership. As of July 2021, Tea Sea already has four published poems split between two editions of the Harbinger Asylum imprint.
Tea Sea’s second full-length LP has five singles, including Diming Diamonds”, “Buried”, “Vitals”, “Goku” and “Strange to Believe”, all of which have made listeners fall in love with him more. He also credits many renowned names of the industry like Future, Lil Wayne, Kid Cudi and The Weeknd for being a great source of inspiration in his career.
The 27-year-old musical artist desires to learn much more and increase his knowledge in music promotion while also taking the R&B genre to greater heights in the industry. Find out more about him now through Instagram @teasea_tc.

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