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FriO Isa Blaque Inks Distribution Deal with Sony Music Entertainment

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International streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal and many more platforms are gaining traction in the music industry. These platforms enable musicians and artists to be independent while distributing the music and grow a massive audience who can enjoy listening to the artist’s music. FriO Isa Blaque is a Utica, New York-based artist who creates diverse music and is dedicated to the music’s quality. Being a successful music artist was not a cakewalk for FriO. After doing 4 years in prison for shootings and being released in 2010.  He strived to distribute music in his early days. FriO was opportunistic to leverage the increasing use of music apps and the internet. He started attracting more and more people with his music to cheer up and motivate themselves in life. FriO believes artists in the current times have more opportunities than ever, and the music industry is becoming more and more welcoming to the artists who have potential. It is no secret that significant music labels worldwide only collaborate with the prominent artist who is predicted to be successful with the music. FriO Isa Blaque is successful enough to sign a huge distribution deal with Sony Music Entertainment, one of the most dynamic labels in the music industry. This deal will become a pivotal point for FriO Isa Blaque and has plans to produce music of the gold standard.

Why did Sony Music make a deal with FriO Isa Blaque?

FriO was passionate about music from a very young age, and he started his journey by being an independent music artist who was bound to make mistakes. FriO took significantly less time to pivot with his excellence to create music. In 2016, he was on top of his popularity by releasing hit singles. Most people saw FriO signing the massive Distribution deal with Sony Music Entertainment, but very little know about his struggle to reach this point. Born  Milton McBride, FriO began producing and distributing his hooky, with the well-known coast influenced brand of hip hop. It has been a seamless journey as an artist since he released his debut mixtape Savage Tyme in 2016. Since then, there is no stopping, and FriO dropped The Infinity Gauntlet album featuring some popularly hits like Soul Train (628,000 streams), Trap Princess (471,000) and On Deck(243,000) streams. After the album’s massive success, he released a single called “Only One”, which consisted of a retrospective tune and made FriO viral by gaining almost 400,000 streams.

In 2020 he dropped another hit known as “We Are Young”, a chartbuster song with a whooping 714,000 streams. FriO has attracted over 2 million streams on the music streaming platform Spotify which collectively consisted of only five of his songs. Similarly, he amassed over 500,000 streams on Apple Music, 1 million on Pandora radio, and a massive 2 million on YouTube. Along with his artistic success, FriO has also managed to make $20,000 off his music sales and merch independently. In 2021, FriO has plans to release new albums named “FriO Season” & “Let Me Put Some FriO On It”. The distribution deal with Sony Music Entertainment is just the starting. FriO has a brighter artistic future ahead of him and has plans to disrupt the music industry.

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