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Mikey Polo Drops Kelly Butts-Spirito Directed Video “Sympathy”

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Rapper Mikey Polo, one of Trippie Redd’s 1400 gang members, is becoming a common name in the music world. Hailing from the DMV area he first emerged on the mainstream scene with his song “Bugatti Spaghetti ” featuring Trippie Redd in 2020.

Yesterday, Mikey Polo dropped a new music video for his single “Sympathy.” The must-hear track has a beautiful visual that ties in perfectly depicting Mikey Polo’s life in the DMV area, showing us his daughter and his friends. The music video exposes Mikey Polo’s feelings about his life growing up when he says,” Been through so much ain’t got no empathy.”

He goes on to talk about how all the fame and riches have allowed him and the people around him to lose sight of what really matters when he says “love lost is so dead to you.”  The video shows his life on tour and then flashes to his hometown – A clear contrast between the fame and flash of his life as a famous rapper compared to the things he truly loves back home.


In a recent interview with Flaunt Magazine, Mikey said, “I’m the best motherfucking rapper coming up right now. It’s the best merging: 1400 Emo Gang is the best. My bro Trip is one of the best artists of his age range. Me, I got my own Emo gang. Shoutout Milani, my daughter. Shout out anybody who gets tattoos and thinks different.” Mikey Polo is an artist to watch.

The video is directed by New York videographer, Kelly Butts-Spirito who recently came onto our radar after directing several shocking visuals for a viral female artist, BIGKLIT who also has a song with 1400 superstar, Trippie Redd. So to see the young director’s name on this new video for one of the 1400 gang was not surprising. He certainly has Cole Bennett qualities with a flash of emo and is also someone to keep a close eye on. Watch below!


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