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Meet CEO-ISHHH Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor & Motivator

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CEO-ISHHH is a successful American entrepreneur, wealth coach, business strategist, and celebrity publicist. He is also the founder of Blessionaire Apparel, a clothing line, CEO Status Quo, and much more. CEO-ISHHH is a highly regarded publicist who works closely with brands and helps them grow their presence and reach through marketing.

Blessionaire Apparel has been worn by  many celebrities such as DJ Envy, of The Breakfast Club, Bull Bullard, of the Harlem Globetrotters, Moné Davis, American Softball player, and Trent Crews, of Love & HipHop New York. DJ Envy has been seen sporting the Blessionaire Apparel brand in interviews with celebrities. As a celebrity publicist, CEO-ISHHH utilized his industry connections to promote, mentor, and accelerate the careers of celebrities such as Bull Bullard, Jose Guapo, Yung LA, A-Town and several others. A-list celebrities look to CEO-ISHHH for their press releases, their placements, and their industry connections.

CEO-ISHHH also teaches financial literacy as a wealth coach, and he has a YouTube video with JoJo Simmons describing the Law Of Attraction and the power of manifestation as it pertains to wealth, success, and growth. As a publicist, CEO-ISHHH is determined to see his clients actualize their full potential. As a CEO-ISHHH client, the focus is on public relations, wealth management, and achievable career goals.

Despite all the discrimination, CEO-ISHHH became a successful entrepreneur. People once told him that he’d fail in apparel when he launched his clothing line. He only needed to focus on his goal and ignore trolls and hate. “Historically, black people have had a difficult time. So, for our community, a black man emerging as a successful entrepreneur is a big deal. “

According to CEO-ISHHH, flowing from a passion and being focused to achieve your goals is the key to success. Entrepreneurship is not an overnight success! In addition to doing odd jobs, he worked in parking lots and car sales. Working hard eventually leads to success, he says. He believes that if you are sincere and pure, God will reward you. As a result of God’s strength, he believes he can do anything.

Everything good in life is the result of your intention. By donating and caring for others, he tries to be a blessing for others as he is blessed. CEO-ISHHH gives all his praise to God, for all of his success.

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