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International New Release: Young Zerka “Sorry” feat. Alandy

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Releasing the first song of his upcoming full length album ‘Part of Me’, Young Zerka vamped up his international wave with “Sorry”, in collaboration with Alandy, both talented producer and featuring artist. The mainstream duo paired their skills and sounds to present a hit that makes any shy girl head for the dance floor.


Young Zerka is a worldwide recognized musician specializing in multiple genres, although notorious for his blend of euro-afro cultural backgrounds. The Albanian native spent eight years in London raised in a Jamaican household, eventually incorporating the musical influence into his career. Although based in Albania, his hundreds of millions of accumulated YouTube streams, multi-country tours, and distinct voice, is evidence of the “wave” we speak of. 


For audiences coming across Young Zerka for the first time, take a listen and connect. Or in the words of his single “Sorry”,  give him a chance. 


‘Part of Me’ is set to release this Fall, telling Young Zerka’s story from the beginning, track by track. Watch “Sorry” featuring Alandy below and be sure to connect on Instagram here and here.

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