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Yazan Alsharif turned his Obstacles into Opportunities to become a Music Sensation

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Success never comes easy to anyone. It is the outcome of dedication and persistence that comes to those who dared to move out of their comfort zone. Yazan Alsharif, the new rising star in the music industry has proved that hard work is never in vain if one lives for his dreams. The young artist stepped into the music industry in 2020 when the world was battling the pandemic. As more people resorted to social media as a means of entertainment during the lockdown, Yazan, like many other artists, took this as an opportunity to showcase his talent.

Yazan was already passionate about music. He was intrigued by the beats and rhythms of traditional genres. This affected his studies but he felt helpless as nothing interested him more than music. Yazan recorded his first composition when he was only 13. Back then social media was in its infancy so he could not gain an audience. His creation was limited to his friends and family only. The fact that he managed to compose an original track on his own was a great motivation for young Yazan to pursue a career in the music industry.

An academic degree was never his goal so Yazan dropped out of college to start his YouTube channel “Yaz Sounds”. He began recreating the old classics in his own composition and style and uploaded them on his channel. It was in early 2020 that one of his compositions of the famous track “When Doves Cry” became a viral trend on social media. It made him a music sensation almost overnight. His subscriber base went over 1 million in less than a month and he also became recognized on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

His success came with lots of criticisms as some people accused him of copying classics to find a shortcut to success. His natural talent and passion for music were ridiculed by a section of the audiences on social media. Initially, it was disturbing but then Yazan took it as a challenge to grow as an artist. He started honing his craft to create something unique and original for his critics. Within a couple of months, Yazan released his debut single “Let Me Live Once More”. This proved to be a perfect reply to his critics.

“Let Me Live Once More” surpassed the response of his previous release, increasing his follower base to over 2 million on Instagram. It was one of the top-charting tracks on Spotify for a few months. The song was a fresh wave of positive vibes for the audience, something that was missing from contemporary music. It highlights the struggles of Yazan as an aspiring artist in the extremely competitive industry and how he managed to snatch the limelight with persistence and hard work.

“Let Me Live Once More” is a mesmerizing blend of traditional rap and contemporary hip-hop. It is both aggressive and soul-soothing. The unapologetic lyrics make it even more appealing to audiences who feel connected to the song. His recent release “Live For Your Dreams” is another hard-hitting rap that merges with soft notes of country lyrics. Released in June 2021, it broke all previous records and gained Yazan more than 2.5 million views on YouTube in less than a month. The song talks about lost dreams and the fake world where people dwell with deep regret in their hearts.

Yazan wants his music to be unique. He wants to inspire people to follow their path to success with hard work. Going forward, he wants every song to have a strong message to motivate people in some way.

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