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Upcoming Artists That Will Impress You By Their Versatility And Music Styles

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In this summer, there are some irresistible artists and producers whom you have to watch. They are at that point where you simply cannot ignore what they are doing. They are as follows; 


Slim Favors


Slim Favors is a versatile songwriter and recording artist who makes unique music depending on his current mood. Before performing, he is always running through his lyrics and choreography, putting on his headphones, and feeling his set to escape nervousness. He has been growing his fan base since his first song till now and is not ready to quit, for he has even more in store for the fans. To check on the artist’s eminent crafts, check him on his social media pages @slimmestfavors and enjoy his outstanding projects. 


 Webb Primo 


Webb Primo is a versatile lyrical artist who can also rap and adapt to any beat. He is also an excellent performer, whose stage delivery of content goes beyond astounding, making the crowd go wild. His first song, ‘I Got a Crush on What’s Her Name,’ over Bonita Applebum instrumental, was a success as it gave him some local fame in high school, and that was his motivation to make more music. He plans on dropping new, improved hits in the future, and you ought to stay tuned on his social media platforms @webbprimo and see the artist flourish to greater heights.


1way Irv

1way Irv is a passionate musician whose style of music is more of storytelling on things people go through in real life. He names Kanye West as his favorite artist for the way he carries himself in and out of the studio and his perception of hate being promotional to his music. His favorite album is 2pac’s ‘All Eyes On Me .’ The hits he used make him go wild when he listens. He made his first song over Juicy J’s instrumentals, ‘Codeine and Purple,’ which was a good start for his success. He has recently released a project that you ought to check on his platform @1wayirv, called ‘Fill in Blank.’ The song reflects people who quit while he is still bringing down his craft to the fans.



Angenoir makes electronic music in different genres. He is also a performing artist who listens to his set before going on stage, making his performance and techniques perfect in real-time performance. His music endeavors started at a young age playing saxophone for more than ten years, later became a Dj for more than ten years, and has been a music producer for over ten years. He is now planning on joining Zurich University of Arts, a dream come true to him. His first song, ‘Nature,’ was a huge success, for he was working with a wonderful team and is set for more as he is working on perfecting his crafts. 




Sean Fogelstrom, well known by his stage name, Fogey, is a lyrical storyteller whose main aim in making music is to inspire people going through their struggles. He made his first four songs while still young and made cassette copies to give to his friends, having made the beats on the original PlayStation as today’s technology had not been there then. The move impressed his friends, making him decide to do music all his life, and from then, he has been blooming. He is currently working on more exciting projects that are set to release soon, urging his fans to stay tuned in his social media pages @fogeymusic and see his way to the top of the industry. 




TheRealEA is a five in one artist, for his style of music is a blend of Bryson Tyler, Juice WRLD, Travis Scott, Luh Kel, and Lil Uzi, for he is talented in different R & B and Hip Hop styles. His first song, ‘Driftin,’ did pretty well on all pages, receiving positive feedback and earning him an ever-growing fan base. He is always focused on his future and making more inspirational music to his fans, making him perfect his craft with every single release. For more information on the upcoming artist and a taste of his creative juices, visit his social media pages @itstherealea.



Caskeyboardproducer is an award-winning, multi-million streamed classical, has over 32 million streams on Spotify, jazz-trained caskeyboardist, hip hop, and pop producer. He is New York-born and raised. Started music lessons early, and similarly to Elton John, he started with classical, moved to jazz, went from jazz to Broadway, then to musicology, and finally hip hop and pop.  Marshall Mathers Long play by Eminem was the first album he owned and could not stop listening to. This album inspired him to become a producer and choose the music path. He is always prepared for shows by making sure he has a set of songs ready before he goes on. Black bear always wants to make sure that whoever goes to see him is impressed and hopefully plays his songs or even follows him on social media. Like many artists, he has icons that he looks up to, and George Gershwin is his favorite artist. He started music at an early age and has made many songs, some of which are popular while others are lost. If asked to choose between money or fame, he would pick money. He would opt to go into the future rather than go back in time even though he does find the past important to learn from, but he is always hoping for a better day than yesterday hence prefers the future. Just know to get him matcha if you are going to get him a drink. Black bear makes music for himself but hopes that his musical offerings get better over time and experience. He likes playing with bands and acts but is mostly into production now. He tries to inspire musicians and artists to pour their grief, life, and soul into their songs and not just follow trends. His work credits include; Static Selektah, Action Briston, Joey Badass, J. Cole, 2chainz, McDonald’s, Nike, and many more. Black bear is always looking for collaborations for keys, beats, or remixes



Jimmy is a producer from Dallas, Texas, who started making beats a couple of years ago. He has lived in Houston for the last five years, which has influenced his music production style. Later on, he came into his sound as an artist and created music over his beats. JimmyxReaper prefers and loves making music at night since there are no distractions and everything feels more natural. This way, whatever he comes up with feels way more natural. He is a fan of all kinds of music and listens to everything. Most of the time, he bumps his music because he makes stuff that he likes. He feels that one should make music that they can enjoy, for if they don’t, nobody will. JimmyxReaper describes his musical style as rebellious and alternative with a mix of psychedelics. He is the kind of person who would pick fame over money, for he has always wanted to be known for his creation. He would choose to go to the future over going back in time because the future is unknown, and he is constantly searching for new sounds and ideas. To JimmyxReaper, experimentation is wonderful and he finds doing things that are different hard, but people end up respecting it.


Logan X

Logan Winn, whose stage name is Logan X, is an artist from Austin, Texas. He started making music at a tender age with his best friend Damien, AKA Lil Dame, where they had made a group called Broad Day Bandits. After school, he went to study audio engineering and has his studio where you will mostly find him. He has recently released his first major album trademark and anticipates doing shows in the club soon. Currently, he is working on a song, ‘Cards,’ that talks about different cards made into punchlines. He is also working on collaborations with artists like Deniro Nbh, Young Cellis and an album he is doing with SS Hunnit. He also has a forthcoming album with the young upcoming producer Blessedbyw. For more information about the talented producer, visit him on his social media pages @Logan Arness Winn, (Facebook), realloganwinn, (Instagram)



OutsideNu described his music as melodic and vibrant. It is ever fresh to the world and animated. Having owned his first album, “500 Degreez” he is now used to dropping albums and performing on stage. His love for Sprite is just so big that it is the drink he chooses before going to perform. He loves Lil Wayne’s music which he knows he will get to his level soon. OutsideNu has a successful song which os on Youtube, called “OutsideNu – Scars”


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