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To Get Where They Are, MoneyRhy$ and NoLxck Have Worked Hard On All Aspects

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LxckyMoney is an outstanding producer/artist duo who have a unique musical style, consisting of fast and catchy lyrics often paired with hard hitting drums and club-inspired melodies.

NoLxck is a strong artist who brings a mixture of trap, drill, and melodic rap elements to his music, while MoneyRhy$ provides the saucy beats and catchy vocal hooks, with a verse occasionally to keep things fresh.


MoneyRhy$ and NoLxck each have plenty of experience on stage. MoneyRhy$ even worked as a Live Technician during the Melbourne Leg of Shakewell and Ramirez’ 2019 Australian Tour. NoLxck prepares by drinking water, monitoring his breathing and reminding himself of the work he did to get where he is before going up on stage.

Everyone has that song that sticks in his head for some time. For NoLxck, that song is ‘Hen$haw – Timeline.’ He has been listening for more than a year and still excited for the next release. MoneyRhy$ has been heavily attached to Lil Durk and Lil Baby’s album ‘The Voice of The Heroes’, citing ‘Medical’ and ‘Who I Want’.

MoneyRhy$ and NoLxck’s first song was an ‘absolute failure.’ But everyone starts that way. They did not know what they wanted to do then. After the ‘failure’ they spent the next month’s developing their sound and perfecting it, and that’s what you hear today.

The Lxcky Company

Not long after developing his sound, NoLxck started the Lxcky Company which is a clothing brand. He said that, “I grew up around talented artists, and have always wanted to see them do more with their talent of painting, drawing or digital art. I also want to see more clothing that includes people that need specific large sizes, that look good and feel good at the same price as every other size.”

Preferences and Ambitions

NoLxck prefers money to fame as it would help in significant ways like he would start organizations to help the less privileged communities, something that would make him feel more successful than being famous. He is set to make more releases in the future that will be upgrades of his recent tunes. He urges his fans to stay tuned on his social media platforms @NoLxck, and get a taste of his creative juices and updates on the things to come.



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