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RGB – “Diamond Eyes” Ft. Kid April

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RGB is back with another hit single for the summer! “Diamond Eyes” Ft. Kid April is a smooth electro-pop tune that shows off the young artist’s versatility. RGB is no new artist on the scene, he has been making music since he was a young boy. Starting off learning classical piano he quickly transitioned into a more jazz-style piano in High School. Shortly after that RGB began songwriting, releasing his first-ever track on SoundCloud back in 2018 titled “Game Over” under another alias. Slowly developing his craft he spent the next couple of years bettering himself and finding his true style. RGB released his first official single this New Year titled “Moon Cheese”.

Raised in both San Francisco and Washington DC, RGB has a unique childhood experience. Being exposed to both the East and West coasts of the United States presents a broad range of personalities and cultures. This 100% has played a role in the development of RGB as an artist, and as a man. Many of the artists I have met over the years still represent the same town that they grew up in. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but it does present a bit of a limitation. It is important for artists to expose themselves to new cultures and new cities. The world is a large place with endless inspiration to be found, having moved around the United States as a boy RGB has his own personal experience that he displays through his music.

Now residing in Los Angeles, California RGB is taking his music career seriously. With the release of his new hit song “Diamond Eyes” fans of the young talent can see the growth. The featured artist on the song is an extremely underrated talent from Austin, Texas. His stage name is Kid April, and he makes high-quality Electronic/ R&B music. As the years go on it seems to me that genres have blurred completely, and are almost to the point of going extinct. Artists like RGB and Kid April lead the frontier of this new era of modern music. Integrating styles from all sorts of different genres.

As the Summer continues many music fans are looking for a new artist to add to their playlists. I suggest to anyone who likes catchy electronic music with true melodic vocals to give “Diamond Eyes” a listen. The 3-minute 14-second song has a non-stop vibe. The energy slowly picks up to a climax in the middle of the record, which is a standard music theory approach and is a key element in a lot of the most popular radio songs of the last 5 years. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if RGB is on the radio in 2021, as he continues to grow as an artist I am going to keep a close eye on his career moving forward.

In a world where new music is being released every single day, it can be hard for music fans to find new artists or songs that match their listening style. RGB has something for everybody, go give “Diamond Eyes” Ft. Kid April a listen on Spotify, and follow RGB on social media to keep up with the young star.

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