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Kaboom Holy: The Story Thus Far

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Hip Hop artist Kaboom Holy was born “Antarrios Flythe” in North Carolina. From wanting to be a graphic novelist, to a professional skateboarder, Holy is one of those artists that have been able to maneuver in a way that puts them at the top of their region. Kaboom Holy is on the top of North Carolina and South Carolina’s rap game.

Initially, Holy’s life decision was to become a graphic novelist and skateboarder, and although he was good at both, he decided to take a different path at thirteen when he discovered music production. As any good entrepreneur, he started producing and selling beats. At fifteen he decided to produce and write the song “No Man’s Land” which was released on all platforms.

His life was heading towards something great. He was young, he was learning the game quickly, and he could maneuver in a way that many couldn’t. Then suddenly, from the ages of 17-24 his personal life took a complete 360 turn when he found himself arrested for violent crimes resulting in a federal indictment. To some, this lifestyle never ends, but for Holy it was the biggest wake-up call. What he focuses on now is improving his behavior, maintaining a healthy life, and a trouble-free future.

Now, Holy’s goal is to keep growing as an entrepreneur, build his social media influence, and manage a high number of video views to land airplay. Holy has amassed thousands of digital and FM Radio spins. His music has been picked up by numerous radio stations with listenership in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and others.

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