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Chiae – “Cash Out”

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Backed by some impressive instrumentation from Drake producer T-Minus, Motown’s Chiae returns with a lush and lavish new single, “Cash Out.” Smooth yet vibrant, the track sets the tone for the Atlanta R&B singer formerly known as Malachiae’s tales of romantic encounters in the lap of luxury.

“Cash Out” is the sort of low-key ballad that Chiae has made his name on over the last few years. Dizzy synthesizers and neon sub-bass provide the soundtrack for a song full of easy romance and casual flexing. Chiae sets the scene early on: When a love interest slides into his side of town, he’s busy, making moves at the bank. But he makes time because they both appreciate the finer things in life. Sunny-eyed, he expresses his affection, while letting the instrumental breathe. It’s beautiful, light, and sensual, like Chiae’s best songs to date.

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