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How FYB Taner is Set to Take the Entertainment Industry By Storm

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For those who had been paying attention over the last 18 months, it probably doesn’t strike you as a surprise to see the momentum the 22 year old North Jersey artist is gaining. FYB Taner released his first single in 2018 called “Gone”, which was well received among some powerful circles within the entertainment industry, and quickly realized how far he could go by diligently mastering his craft.
Besides writing and recording, Taner understands the importance of learning from those who’ve come before him, and has gained the respect of many reputable artists. He’d collaborated creatively with several other renowned artists such as Fetty Wap, grammy winner JustinLove, and Drebo Squeeze. He released a song with ABG Neal called “Big Steppa” and another with SkinnyFromThe9 called “No Feeling”, both of which were well received by both of their audiences. Taner has also been seen with his idol Tory Lanez in the studio and has a cosign from Ja Rule. Taner acknowledges the importance of learning from those who are where you want to go, and that in order to get those opportunities, it’s imperative that you work hard, prepare, and persist. One doesn’t just accidentally gain the respect of other renowned artists.
Taner is appreciated for both his versatility as both a rapper and singer, as well as his vibrant personality. People naturally gravitate toward Taner, describing him as someone who is both genuine and fun to be around. It’s not hard to see if you follow him on social media. While most young artists get big-headed once they’re on the brink of stardom, Taner remains humble and appreciative. He doesn’t get too high or low when things are going good or bad, and sticks by that principle. He explains that “FYB” in his name doesn’t actually stand for what most people think, but rather stands for “Find Your Balance”, both creatively, and in everyday wakes of life.
Taner is currently working on an album with some exciting collaborations. The release date is still TBD, but many renowned artists who’d been in the studio with him have warned that this album is going to push Taner to new heights of stardom.
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