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Viral TikToker Amber Kenni Launches Scholarship Program

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AKN is looking for high school graduates with a passion for filmmaking and storytelling

Amber Kenni Networks announces the launch of its Dream Scholarship program for 2021. The new scholarship program founded by viral tiktoker Amber Kenni is aimed at students passionate about filmmaking and storytelling.

The scholarship is open to current high school seniors. AKN will award the scholarship in the form of a brand new Dell Inspiron 3000.

Prospective high school students who are entering college must submit their materials and a one minute long short film to AKN is looking for passionate and bright eyed youthful individuals who display extraordinary passion for the art of digital media.

Amber shares sentiments of a personal story about the time she needed her own equipment and the inspiration behind the scholarship.

“As someone who didn’t have a laptop going into college, I understand how challenging it can be to navigate that, so I wanted to offer a hand to a scholar who needs it,” Amber states with much passion.

With her growing fan base on Tik Tok reaching over 100k followers and 1.6 million likes and shares, Amber felt the need to adapt her real life persona capture on the app in a way that’s showing her character.

‘I believe that we’re on this earth to help each other along, and I’m just trying to do my part in helping out.’

It’s more than “hey baby” as a tagline to give her audience advice but for her to serve humanity with her gifts by providing gifts. Be on the look for more movements from AKN Networks and Amber positively impacting the community.

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