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Shah33d Is Making Waves Out Of Detroit

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Shah33d is a contemporary hip-hop artist from The Glove. The artist’s music is defined as “Lyrical Trap”, which emphasizes not only soulful melodies and 808 drums, but also dives deeper into the lyric side of songwriting. Witty lyrics, flows, and constant wordplay are vital when going for this type of style of music.

Growing up in a house with both parents gave Shah33d a good structure from which he could build on. Despite having a mostly stable childhood, Shah33d started finding ways to create his opportunities and was tired of waiting around for others. “It’s all about dedication and consistency” said Shah33d.

Shah33d started making music back in 2013, but didn’t feel he was good enough to start releasing it until 2015. Coming from a musical family helped shape the artist’s relationship with music from the start.

As an independent artist, Shah33d has racked up over 1,000,000 streams across multiple different platforms. The artist says his main goal is to let others know it’s okay to be themselves. “No need to create an image or personality that isn’t you because there is only 1 you in this world so embrace that”, said Shah33d.


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