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Senior Is Dropping His Second Album on July 23rd

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Few artists can promise to deliver a full album of music a year, but Senior is one of them. It took the Montreal-based artist and businessman around ten months to prepare 14 new songs that will hit all the digital platforms on July 23rd. Titled Break & Tell, this album will see Senior’s continued exploration of the themes that drew so many people to his first album.

Since he broke out onto the scene late in 2020, Senior’s career trajectory has been a curious one. His debut album, I Feel Better Alone, was a statement about the life and state of mind of a young person who has many ideas and is looking for a way to communicate them with like-minded individuals. While the production of the album followed all the contemporary trends and expectations, there was still room, and the communication gave Senior a direction in which he could grow.

“Sharing a message is easy,” Senior says. “Sharing a message that’s clear and understood—now that’s the part I’m working on.” Time and experience are on his side though, and this new album is about to show just how far Senior has gone in honing his skills and finding ways to express himself.

It’s not like he doesn’t have other venues where he can look for challenges, too. Senior’s real name is James William Awad, and that’s how he’s known in the business world, where he’s currently working on new concepts that are set to revolutionize the way companies work.

For some, that kind of work would easily keep their heads in the clouds and set them apart from other people, making it difficult to relate to regular, worldly problems. For Senior, however, conquering the world of business isn’t that different from working toward topping the charts. The stakes are high—he’s aware of that—but he can use what he’s learned in one area and apply it in another.

Besides, the core is the same: coming up with a great idea that will resonate with people and then working on the best possible way to package it. In his business, his great idea is decentralization. In his music, he wants to ride his raw emotional honesty to the top of the charts, one album at a time. If by any chance, Break & Tell doesn’t get him there, there’s no doubt we’ll see a better Senior album next year, getting him one step closer. To stay on top of his career, follow Senior on social media.

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