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How Deme D Helps Hip-hop Artists Get The Exposure They Need

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For years, many artists have been looking to infiltrate the hip-hop industry to make a name for themselves and have their music heard by people everywhere. But starting isn’t as easy as it seems. At times, people need a little push to get where they want.

And to give hip-hop artists the boost that they need to get under the spotlight, content creator Deme D gives them the platform to be heard and connect with an audience.

There, he gives viewers their hip-hop fix while providing artists with the exposure that they need to jumpstart their careers.


The Shows That Serves As A Platform 


Deme D is the host of DagogetaTv, a YouTube channel that provides a hip-hop network with original content. But he runs more than just one show. 


As a hip-hop junkie and New Yorker, Deme’s shows vary from a hip-hop debate desk called “If You Ask Me”, industry interviews called “On Deck Wit Deme”, the hip-hop vinyl show “Diggin Wit Deme”, indie hip-hop Cipha/interviews “Who’s Next Up”, and lastly the album listening and promo show titled “Listen Up”. 


His platforms are meant to service music lovers and hip-hop heads alike. Regularly putting out content with some of your favorite emcees, vinyl collectors artists on the rise, and more.


“First thing I want it to be unique as much as it can be, then depending on which show it is I want it to highlight the artist, or not be a topic that’s been beaten to death as far as my debate desk,” the content creator said. 


Deme D believes that his unbreakable will and determination, partnered with his genuine love for hip-hop, will push his platforms to greater lengths and provide more assistance to others. 


Moving forward, he plans to put out content weekly while achieving his goals of expanding his YouTube channel and network.  


Creating His Brand 


To make sure that his platform goes well and can be of more service to others, Deme D put in a lot of planning to sustain his brand even if he was just starting. 


“The first thing was seeing a market for my content, making sure I’d have consistent content. I planned for months ahead and made sure I knew what lane I wanted to be in. Once I put out my first video I never looked back,” he said. 


Since he started and as he continues to use his platforms for the benefit of hip-hop artists, Deme D learned the values of patience, preparation, strategy, perseverance, and adaptability, all of which have helped him become efficient at what he does. 


Learn more about Deme D through his Instagram page, Youtube and Twitter accounts.



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