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Hip-Hop’s Hottest New Artist Cashoutajay Is Destined To Be A Superstar

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The music industry is evolving every day with new talents. Some upcoming artists make it to the top with hard work and dedication and some “flop” right at the start, due to lack of skill and persistence.

Recently, a 19-year-old upcoming superstar Cashoutajay, hailing from Long Island, NY, caught the public eye with his supersonic talent.

Cashoutajay has been creating a major buzz around his name in the music industry. He recently released his 5 song EP “The Next Chapter” that has gained over 100k streams in the first month across all streaming platforms.

It was very impressive by the kid from the jump, he has the potential to be a superstar with the music he is currently creating. Doing music for only a year now and being so young, but yet sounding as if he has been doing it for years is just astonishing. There seems to be no ceiling for the young upcoming superstar.

Cashoutajay catches every pocket on the beat with his catchy melodic hooks. His new EP has already generated almost 100 thousand streams across all DSP’s. The intro “DREAMIN” is picking up streams every day.

Looking to see where the young independent artist is headed after his recent EP.

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