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Diamond The Body: Back At It Again With Her New Release “FTN”

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Diamond the Body is a rapper, entertainer, and entrepreneur that is originally from Jamaican descent. Diamond was born and raised in New York City, where she found fame and success through the Internet.

She has come a long way since her first couple releases. Her latest track “FTN “ which released on July 21, perfectly captures her unique sense of style and showcases her next-level abilities. This New York native is making her mark on the music industry, and you’re sure to hear more from her in the future.

Diamond rose to popularity on social media platforms like Instagram, and is the owner of Diamond’s Doll House in Los Angeles, which is one of the most prominent strip clubs on the west coast.

Diamond is making herself and her brand known, especially by being one of the only female strip club owners in LA. In other words, she knows how to create demand and make sure everything she touches is a hit.

If you are looking for more music with this cadence from Diamond, you can hear more about her at :

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