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Buckle Up, Get Set, and Blast Off. Rumor Digital’s New Song “To The Moon” Takes You On An Unforgettable Journey

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With the release of his single “To the Moon,” Rumor Digital has stunned his admirers all around the world. It has been shattering streaming records all over the place. Rumor Digital’s musical skill is beginning to be recognized.

Rumor Digital has built a reputation for himself in the music industry by being able to produce stunning songs from scratch. His accomplishments demonstrate that he is an unstoppable force. Fans of his should be wary.

Rumor Digital has partnered with Rumor Records to produce and release his next EP. Rumor Records has gone to great lengths to ensure that the tunes are well received and popular. Rumor Digital’s work has been transformed into an ultimate house track beast because of its excellent mastering and production.

Rumor Digital and his music are a wonderful choice if you want to listen to something fresh and current. “Rumors,” “Rumor Has It,” and “To the Moon” is the three tracks on his EP, all of which were produced by Rumor Records. All of these songs are gradually gaining in popularity as more people become aware of them.

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