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Promising Young UK Rap Artist BSK Releases Album “The Mind of BSK”

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Scaling new heights and getting to the top as a music artist can be challenging. Making a name for yourself in the industry and maintaining and growing a following is demanding and requires a lot of determination, hard work, and resilience. However, your passion and focus on making it as a world-famous artist can help you push for your dreams against all odds.

Ben Sharp Knowles, known as BSK, is a British rapper/entrepreneur from Manchester who worked through his weaknesses to pursue his dream career and is currently doing well in the industry. BSK is a young Briton who enjoys making music, especially songs that resonate with people. His goal is to continue growing his name in the music industry, and he is also hopeful that people who listen to his music can relate to his songs. He raps to release his emotions, and many people his age can relate to his lyrics.

Although BSK’s music career is still so fresh, he has released two songs that have each reached 100K streams and recently launched an album, The Mind of BSK. The album contains 15 tracks, and as the title suggests, BSK bases his music on his emotions, and his mastery is unmatched. His fans can’t get enough of his thrilling sound! The album has facilitated notable growth on his social media networks since its release. “I am over the moon to have gained over 50K subscribers and 200K streams on YouTube in July alone. It’s so awe-inspiring,” BSK asserts.

BSK is currently working on two new projects: a house music and drum and bass EP, and another album that he’ll drop next year. He explains that this is an exciting and busy time. He is happy to have done many live performances at open mic events and his album launch party.

BSK encountered a setback when he was diagnosed with dyslexia at a very young age. He struggled with languages at school but was quite a good performer in other subjects. The creative singer shares that he was a very slow reader, making learning difficult. Eventually, these struggles became a positive outcome in his life and gave him the boost he needed, which lead him to turn his attention to music. This is where he learned the craft by listening to different artists and genres. Music gave him the power to work around many of the challenges he had to face in life and made him who he is today.

BSK’s parents have always been a source of inspiration. “My parents have always worked hard and taught me to work hard and enjoy what I do and be happy,” BSK shares. He also mentions how renowned rappers Eminem, Mac Miller, and Biggy inspired him.

When asked what lesson he would like to share, BSK quickly affirms that “happiness is key in life and longevity, and you have to go through hard times to appreciate the good times. Most important of all, surround yourself with positive, like-minded people.” BSK looks forward to continuing to disrupt the airwaves across the United Kingdom. He aspires to become more recognized for his unique musical sound in the UK and his local area of Manchester. “My dream is to be healthy, happy, and complete with my choices. I aim to grow my fan base and continue to create music I enjoy and like,” adds BSK.

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