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Connecticut’s Social Media Expert Ben Thompson Is Helping Others Grow Their Social Media

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Ben Thompson, a product of Somers, Connecticut, has been working in social media since he was 15-years-old. The young entrepreneur has a passion for helping people, and the results speak for themselves.

Thompson grew a small following online by networking with other members in the hip hop industry. While sticking mainly to the entertainment space, Thompson has helped hundreds of individuals grow their audience online. His main method: Instagram engagement groups.

Thompson carefully curates different influencer groups where influencers are encouraged to share and interact with each other’s posts. This requires staying up to date on what exactly is going on in these groups and who’s actually been participating. The serial entrepreneur is a member of hundreds of these exclusive engagement groups, carefully curating each one for the most effective results.

Now 20, Thompson has done more than most hope to in regard to making an impact online. The brilliant young mind has already helped hundreds of thousands of clients grow their following through his engagement groups. He also represents multiple artists, putting the pieces together as their careers develop.

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