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Vi City is an American rapper, songwriter, writer, and producer of both music and film. Some of his credits include writing “C.N.F” with Nelly, featuring on “Some Ish” with Sir Michael Rocks on his #1 debut album Banco, and co-producing tracks for Young Money with the producer Rich Skillz, and you can look forward to his upcoming solo album “CiTY LiF3” which should be releasing soon. 


While always staying true to himself and authentic in his works, Vi City knows what it takes to reach the next level as an artist in the music industry, and has some strong advice for artists trying to make it big in the industry today. A large part of this advice includes staying true to oneself, and always doing the best you can to be the best version of yourself. Above all, he believes artists should make and create from their soul, stressing that, “If you don’t feel it, no one else will”. 


Vi City acknowledges that trial and error can be the biggest benefit to an artist in their career, and sees it as the best source of learning about the music industry. He credits much of his success to his consistency and dedication to his craft, believing that if he worked hard and diligently, it would all work out eventually. 


The Chicago-born artist also notes that obstacles are just a part of life in the music industry, but if you work actively to identify problems before they arise and come up with solutions to such issues, they will be a lot easier to manage. He is also no stranger to the gym, meditation, and seeing films by himself as a way to destress and help minimize the burnout of a music career. 


Above all, Vi City knows that it is sometimes hard to get people to even take the time to listen to your work, but that dedication and consistency can take you far, and if you always create from a place of love and authenticity, you can find success. 


If you would like to follow Vi City you can find him on instagram under @iamvicity.

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