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Meet BIG AP! The Multi- Talented Hip Hop Artist from Sickerville, NJ that’s been catching all the buzz recently after the debut of his new EP entitled: “MOTIVATED BY MY STRUGGLE.” The 3 track album, which fans are calling hisvery best work yet was produced by: Bill Kennedy of Musically Speaking Studios with all original lyrics written by the artisthimself. The singles on the project are: RESPECT IS EARNED”, “MOTIVATION” and “MY STORY” with each having trended on platforms separately since they were dropped earlier this spring. The latest project by the New Jersey Based musician is one of the highest streamed EP’s that the East coast Hip Hop artist has ever debuted. BIG AP started creating “MOTIVATED BY MY STRUGGLE” during the pandemic and finally released the highly anticipated project to the world April 9, 2021 and was met with outstanding reviews. STREAM THE ALBUM BELOW TO LISTEN!



BIG AP’s latest project “Motivated by My Struggle” consists of 3 singles with each one being completely different than the last. Each single, which collectively make up the 9 minute project have their own vibe and sound  but do share one thing in common: the style of deep and raw lyrics that reveal BIG AP’s emotion which over the years has become something that the wildcard artist is well known for. 


After debuting “MOTIVATED BY MY STRUGGLE” this past April, fans on social media began calling BIG AP the newest artist out of the East Coast who is the one to look out for. Unpredictable in his style and rebellious by nature, BIG AP who describes his sound as “Hip Hop/ Rap that I do in my own melodic way…..”  give’s us with this new project, what seemslike a lyrical memoir of his growth and also a glimpse of what he may have been be going through personally during the creative process of putting it together. I asked BIG AP if MOTIVATED BY MY STRUGGLE is intentionally meant to convey his personal growth to fans, through his music and he agreed. 

Yes, MOTIVATED BY MY STRUGGLE, the whole project shows my growth on a personal level. I’m not good with venting or showing my feelings and emotion, so the music is my form of opening up and giving a glimpse into my mind and what I’m going through. It may be hard to understand me without hearing me speak but once you hear my music, if you really pay attention to the lyrics and what I say, it should give you a better idea of me and who I am and what I go through. How all of the Struggles, which I talk about on the album, have motivated me.SEE THE TRACKLIST BELOW!



1. Respect is Earned 
2. Motivation 
3. My Story

The first single off the project, Track #1 is “RESPECT IS EARNED”.

The song has more of an R&B type Vibe, and is being called “The Song of The Summer.” The single reveals a side to the artist that we haven’t seen before as heard in the lyrics.

“From the Ground Up/ Did it With No Plan/ Respect is earned Not Given/ Different Day Different Problem/ I Got 99 Problems/ But you Know B*tch is not one/ Traumatized when I lost my brother” STREAM THE SONG BELOW!

Track #2 “MOTIVATION” has more of a more of a Hip Hop type of vibe and sound of the islands/ Reggae feel to it with the artist spitting melodically however, just like track 1, the song reveals raw / and true emotion from the artist. BIG AP says unapologetically in the intro:

“To Often and More Times Than Not/ We Don’t Give People the Credit they Desreve/ In Other Words Give Them They Flowers While They Still Here” STREAM THE SONG BELOW!

Track 3# off the album is “MY STORY”. The R&B type single gives us a very real and honest glimpse inside the struggles BIG AP has faced in his journey. He talks about fake friends turning against him by talking to the FEDS, his addiction that started kept covered up by saying he was in physical pain, his relationship with his child’s mother, the fast life of women and how the streets are unforgiving through it all.

He says in the chorus “ I been Keeping Away From Fakes/ Prescription Drugs Use Em / Been Cleaning up My Tooth Pain/ All The Fake Love I Don’t Know Who Done Kept it Real/ Heard My Man Signed a Statement and that Really Heart my Heart For Real.” STREAM THE SONG BELOW!

I asked BIG AP out of all 3 songs on MOTIVATED BY MY STRUGGLE, which is the deepest/ most revealing track about him. He says: “It’s tough to say which song is the deepest because each song I let my fans in on my life but I will say my story is my most reveling being as though I talk about the use of prescription pills and relationships with friends and other life experiences.”

The international rising music sensation made headlines in 2020 after the debut of his hit single that fans dubbed their favorite. The single “SEPARATE” and music video for it that debuted on 12/1/20 has almost 20k views to date, his highest number of YouTube views since releasing his music. The lyrics talk about his family dynamics, death, dodging the criticism and ignoring pain.

Lyrics: “All this death up in the family got me traumatized/ I hate to see the tears that’s falling from my motha’ eyes/ I stay above the noise can’t listen to the criticizers” STREAM THE SONG BELOW!

Before releasing “SEPARATE”, BIG AP dropped another banger, his single “LOVE CONFUSES ME” on 8/9/20. The single, my personal favorite, talks about love and loss and a time when the artist was going through it with a girl who he couldn’t make it right with. AP tells me about the song:

“Love confuses me is based on my love life, based on a true story-but it’s actually me putting two stories together and making It into one story

Lyrics: “Cause in my mind I know that I Could never have you/ I rather love you from a distance then To hurt you/ When n*ggasask yeah that’s my baby/ You rode that stick in reversal that Drove me crazy/ You got my heart up in a frenzy this/ Feel new to me/ I rather love you from a distance love Confuses me’

Read the full lyrics below! And stream the song for yourself!


BIG AP also put out a single last year entitled: ALONE. The track quickly went viral and set the artists career in motion with fans wanting to hear more from him. The single pays tribute to his sister- Anyea Murray who passed away last year on April 13 2020. Listen to the emotional song for yourself by clicking the link below.


BIG AP has almost doubled his fan-base across all coasts over the last year, has been headlining performances in Philly, Miami, New York, New Jersey just to name a few. He even came in TOP 3 during a showcase earning him respect among the industry. His hit single “Blackout” has also graced the airwaves in New Jersey.  He also has a new video dropping any day now called “Talk About it” and has his first real album in the works expected later this year entitled “AP OR DIE TRYING”. Stay tuned for all things BIG AP. Article Written by Kim Coco



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