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EZ Papi Curates the “True Definition of a Summer Album” with his new Project ‘Trapped Emotions 2’

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EZ Papi’s latest project Trapped Emotions 2 offers the perfect good-time vibes for summer while also allowing the artist to be candid about the rollercoaster of feelings he faces. Comparing his storytelling to being “almost like Shakespeare” the 7-track tape unfolds the story of a man in search of his one true love but experiences several heartbreaks along the way due to choosing the wrong women and as a result, begins to question what all he really wants and is looking for out of life.

“Shakespeare’s work I’ve always been a fan of and appreciated,” EZ Papi said. “I wanted to create the same heartbreak and romance he had in his work except turning it into a collection of songs.

While the subject matter of Trapped Emotions 2 is a bit emotional, EZ performs each song in a way that leaves listeners feeling seen and understood while still in an upbeat mood due to the sonically pleasing Afro-Carribean beats. Standout tracks such as “Spanish Nights” and “Let Me See U” are great displays of his sound and versatility with him even singing in Spanish. 


Getting his name from his “OG” growing up for being so laid back and chill, EZ’s music serves to be the perfect reflection of his demeanor, crooning on the smoothest of Afro-Carribean tracks that instantly captures listener’s attention. He has been writing music and poetry since elementary school and the encouragement he received from not only teachers but his peers when they heard any of his work is what convinced him to pursue a career in music and it is paying off.

“I’m passionate about making music not only because it brings joy but it also can heal and save someone’s life,” he shared. “My music is nothing but good energy and dance vibes. So I want to keep spreading good energy around the world.”

The Kansas City artist’s project Trapped Emotions 2 comes after a noteworthy single “Go Low” that was released earlier this year as well as his Dark Fantasies EP. Wanting to put all of his time and energy into his latest project, EZ is sure to have many things coming to further enhance it’s listening experience so follow him @therealezpapi on Instagram to find out what’s next!

Stream EZ’s Trapped Emotions 2.

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