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5900LOU Makes Debut On All Major Platforms With ‘SHHCAGO’

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Chicago based hip hop artist 5900LOU made his debut to all major streaming platforms with his single ‘SHHCAGO’. The single has been well received since its initial release date, amassing over 25,000 hits to date.

‘SHHCAGO’ starts off with an energetic beat composed of heavy hitting 808s. 5900LOU smoothly comes in, rapping about his life chasing paper with his bros. The artist flexes his cities’ love for him, his paper, and hard work to be where he has gotten to.

While 5900LOU has also dropped a couple other singles on all platforms as well, showing that he isn’t wasting any time in 2021. The artist’s authentic music has been appealing to listeners worldwide while many continue to wait in anticipation for his debut project.

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